By now, you’ve noticed the complete overhaul of our name, our look, and our app. Curious why we made the big change? Here are five reasons why we rebranded to

1. We Are A One-Stop Shop For All Things Lottery

At, we know that we are more than just an app; we are a lottery platform and industry leader in the lottery space. is the ultimate destination for all things lottery: we provide instant ticket results, jackpot sizes, the latest lottery news, and allow users in our active states to play the Powerball right from their phone. is more aligned with our greater mission, not just our app functionality.

2. Instant Name Recognition, Worldwide

photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov // Unsplash

The first point brings us to our second point: it only makes sense for our name to reflect what we do and the services we provide. is an instantly recognizable name that we are working to take worldwide. Our new name and look allows for better brand recognition. Now we can finally squash any confusion about our company and the automotive industry!

3. Big Money, Big Hype

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Our brand refresh came just in time for the second largest Powerball jackpot of all time: $758.7 million! In an even more exciting twist, it was the largest jackpot to be won by a single winner, Ms. Mavis Wanczyk. It was, and continues to be, an incredibly exciting time to play the lottery, especially now that Mega Millions has upped their minimum jackpots to double those of the past. Simply put, the lottery is having a moment, and we are thrilled to be part of it.

4. A New Name Starts New Conversations

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A rebrand brings attention, and that’s a good thing. For one, it allows us to have fresh conversations about our brand and the industry as a whole. Specifically, we can use our platform to start more conversations about the value of the lottery as a tool for social good. Playing the lottery doesn’t just benefit the winners, it benefits the states where tickets are purchased. Lottery funding goes toward supporting various initiatives, state by state, including education, the Healthy Families Program, environmental protection programs, and more.

5. Change Is A Good Thing

photo credit: Jeremy Perkins // Unsplash

Why fix what isn’t broken? For the same reason that successful people continue to push themselves, change, and move forward in a completely different direction than that which made them a big deal in the first place. Ultimately, staying the same equates to staying stagnant. In the same vein as Jeff Bezos, who didn’t want to stick to selling only books, or movie stars who’ve gone on to become politicians or best-selling authors, continuing to push forward is necessary to survive and flourish.