CENTREVILLE, VA — Ruben Escalante Palomino stopped for gas at a 7-Eleven in Centreville. He went inside to obtain a coffee along with a doughnut. As he was there, Escalante Palomino also bought two 20X the cash tickets for the Virginia Lottery. As he scratched the very first ticket, he won $50. As he scratched the 2nd ticket, it had been worth a whopping $1 million.

Escalante Palomino bought his winning ticket in the 7-Eleven at 5135 Westfields Blvd. in Centreville. He had the option of taking the full amount of $1 million prize over 3 decades or decided on a one-time cash choice of $601,685 before taxes. He did go with the cash option. The 7-Eleven received a $10,000 bonus in the Virginia Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Escalante Palomino, a small company owner, stated he promises to use his winnings to invest in his own company, which builds and flips houses.

The Centreville man is the first top prize winner for the new edition of 20X the cash scratcher. The scratcher features prizes varying from $10 to as much as $1 million. The likelihood of winning the leading prize are one in 1,224,000. The likelihood of winning any prize within this game are one in 3.51.

Escalante Palomino bought the winning ticket in a 7-Eleven in Fairfax County, whose school system received greater than $38.7 million in Lottery funds for K-12 public education last fiscal year.

Operating on revenue with the purchase of Lottery products, the Virginia Lottery generated $650 million for Virginia’s public schools in fiscal year 2019. Another $6.5 million in unclaimed prizes was deposited within the Virginia Literary Fund in FY19, which supplies low-interest loans to localities for public school construction, renovations and technology upgrades.

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Augusta County woman wins $125,000 in Virginia Lottery’s ‘Win a Spin’

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. (WHSV) — For that second amount of time in under per week, the Virginia Lottery has announced a champion in the Augusta County area.

Based on lottery officials, Lora Puffenbarger, from Mt. Solon, scratched a winning ticket within the Virginia Lottery’s ‘Win a Spin’ game.

The way in which game works is individuals who obtain a winning ticket can go towards the Virginia Lottery Headquarters in Richmond, where they spin one of the wheels for an opportunity in a prize varying between $100,000 to $500,000.

On February. 21, Puffenbarger spun the wheel and hit the place to win $125,000.

The Virginia Lottery states she was 1 of 2 lottery players to spin the wheel on that day, so you may still find six unclaimed tickets for winners from the game.

Puffenbarger bought her ticket at North River Country Store in Mt. Solon. She told lottery officials she has no immediate plans for that winnings apart from to pay for bills.

The likelihood of winning a spin around the Big Wheel are one in 918,000.

Augusta County, where Puffenbarger lives, received greater than $5.7 million in the Virginia Lottery for K-12 public education in fiscal year 2019. Discover more about where lottery funds go here.

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