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When it comes to brainstorming what makes the world a better place, big business is probably the furthest thing from your imagination. But the good news is that there are plenty of companies out there dedicated to making a real difference in their communities and beyond. In other words, the money you spend with some businesses doubles in value because its also stretching to help others. Here are a few change makers that are committed to the cause:

Retail: TOMS and Leesa

Physical and online retail stores sometimes donate proceeds of their sales, or items of value, to charities around their community and abroad.

You might have heard of companies like TOMS shoes, who give a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought in store or online. They currently ship shoes with over 100 services across more than 70 countries.

Another great example is, who donate a mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 mattresses sold on their site.

Personal Hygiene Products: Dove and The Body Shop

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You’ve probably seen the Dove Real Beauty campaigns. These are short, emotional, and often viral videos that promote self-love for people of all shapes and sizes. They directly address self-image issues that plague many women and even men. Instead of just selling a product, Dove promotes self-confidence.

The Body Shop is another company that helps out. It has product lines that support wildlife preservation in places like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The funds from certain products contribute to saving acres of endangered rainforest habitat.

Eyewear and Optometry: Warby Parker with VisionSpring

Warby Parker, like TOMS, provides a product to someone in need for every pair of glasses sold through their store. Over 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to much-needed eyewear, leaving up to 15% of the world’s population unable to work or learn. Warby Parker designs affordable eyewear and also partners with institutions like VisionSpring to deliver glasses to people in need.

Water Providers: People Water

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People Water is another company that offers a “buy one, give one” approach to their product — clean drinking water. Because they offer such a vital resource, the work they do is of tantamount importance worldwide. They believe positive social outcomes are just as important as making a profit.

Professional Service Firms: Ernst & Young

Sometimes institutions start by doing good within their own walls. Did you know that Ernst & Young was voted the best employer for people with disabilities in 2015? They cater to customers and employees with various degrees of disability, both in-person and online. That includes a job-aids process and a disability resource center for those who need it.

State Lotteries

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Many state lotteries use their revenue to support education and environmental programs within their communities. For example, the Arizona Lottery helps to fund the Healthy Families Program, which supports struggling families of people dealing with mental health issues. The Minnesota lottery helps fund natural resources, including the promotion of responsible hunting and fishing, and the Texas Lottery uses its revenue to support care and services for veterans across the state.

If you want the money you spend to do some good in the world, check out any of the companies listed above. And if you want to contribute to state lottery funding in your area, sign up with the app on your smartphone or tablet today. You can buy a Powerball ticket in just two taps, and help support all kinds of great causes!

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