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You’ve undoubtedly read scores of company profiles, articles, reviews, and founders’ bios for companies and products that are “disrupting the industry” in any given field. Companies, platforms, and tech are “changing the game” and “reimagining the way we think” about X concept. People have gone so far as to say that if you are not in front of disruption, you become a victim of it. This many expert opinions can’t possibly be wrong, can they?

At Lottery.com, we’ve decided to do just the opposite.

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What the….?!!

Since the inception of Lottery.com, known then as AutoLotto, we’ve aimed to create a product that is inevitable and pushes the lottery industry forward, rather than disruptive to an already extremely popular, developed institution. Why choose the perhaps less flashy “inevitable growth” route? For one thing, inevitability is certainly not exclusive of innovation. It simply means creating a product or concept that is bound to be desired by the human experience. Innovation, by definition, means to “introduce something new or different.” Its synonyms include breaking new ground, contemporary, and ingenious. Those all sound like pretty good ideas for a company, don’t they? A literal wise guy, Albert Einstein, once said that the definition of insanity is doing something the same way over and over again and expecting a different result. As humans and as industries, we naturally evolve and that evolution pushes us forward.

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Adapt and flourish

The second reason we take this approach is that we believe in building things that we think should exist. Bringing an industry online doesn’t disrupt that industry, it adapts it to fit the modern zeitgeist. It is inevitable that almost everything will be automated and brought online in the near future. Many people no longer go to the grocery store to purchase their food, they order it online. The good news is that by simply advancing an existing industry, we can expand the current market of lottery players to include millennials and over tech savvy demographics. The reason that this is important is because it means the lottery industry will stay alive and well, and continue to fund great things like education, social programs, and wildlife conservation.

How we do it

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Lottery.com endeavors to advance, not agitate. We seek recognition of our legality, cooperation, and partnership in every state that we operate in. In the lottery world, that’s a big deal. In fact, we would never infringe upon the existing lottery in a state before going live. So no, we don’t aim to disrupt officially and state-sanctioned lottery games and local retailers, we work to innovate and advance the process so that buyers and sellers of lottery tickets alike can #wintogether.

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Do you want to learn more or try our app out for yourself? Head to Lottery.com to learn more or go straight to l.lottery.com/sm to download the app. Even in states where we are working to go live, you are able to use the app to track your paper tickets for winnings. For lottery results, jokes, and crazy stories, follow us on Twitter @lotterydotcom or on Facebook. Connect with us on LinkedIn and be sure to share this content and clap if you like it.