Playing the lottery is downright exciting. The dream of becoming an overnight millionaire, the thrill of the chase, and the possibility of changing one’s life with the purchase of a $2 ticket is not only fun, it’s enough to motivate half of the U.S. adult population to play the lottery at least once a year. In addition to the inherent excitement, there are typically a few lottery success stories a year that are impressive enough to pique the interest of even the biggest lottery naysayer. We’ve rounded up a collection of a few of the lottery’s most newsworthy moments. Enjoy!

1. The Largest Jackpot Won On A Single Ticket

Image courtesy of The Guardian

If you play the lottery, chances are good you heard about this recent lottery win! Mavis Wanczyk was a clerical worker in the nursing department of a Massachusetts hospital who made waves in the press with her huge win. Not only is her prize the largest jackpot won by a single player, it remains the second largest U.S. lottery prize! After realizing she’d won, she promptly called her job to tell them she would not be coming back. Wanczyk opted to take the lump sum payment of $480 million, before taxes, making her richer than Beyonce.

2. New Hampshire Woman Goes To Court – And Earns The Right – To Maintain Her Anonymity

A New Hampshire woman, now nicknamed “Jane Dough,” sued for her right to anonymity after winning the lottery and signing her name on the back of the winning ticket. According to standard Right to Know laws, the front and back of winning lottery tickets are considered public documents in order to ensure transparency and authenticity in the lottery process. The winner went to court to defend her identity in an effort to maintain her safety and a normal lifestyle. In his ruling, Judge Charles Temple stated, “The Court has no doubts whatsoever that should Ms. Doe’s identity be revealed, she will be subject to an alarming amount of harassment, solicitation and unwanted communications.” To prove that she was a “bona fide lottery participant” and “real winner,” the judge resolved to reveal the winner’s hometown of Merrimack, New Hampshire, access to the front of the ticket displaying the winning numbers, the date of any claim, and the total prize amount.

3. Coworkers In Las Vegas Finally Win It Big

Image courtesy of Fox 5

It’s common for coworkers to form an office lottery pool and, if you weren’t a believer in lottery pools before, this should change your mind. A group of 22 coworkers from the Las Vegas Paving Corporation landed a $2 million payday after years of playing together on a monthly basis. After taxes, each player walked away with $68,000. The group doesn’t think their luck has dried up yet – they plan to continue playing with the hope of winning again. We love to see people #wintogether!

4. The Couple Who Donated Nearly All Of Their Winnings

Allen and Violet Large, a Canadian couple, truly won large in 2010 – and then gave almost all of it away. The couple, already in their 70s at the time of winning, proved how much good is still in the world. They determined that others needed the money more than they did and so, after ensuring that their family was financially squared away, gave almost all of their $11.2 million prize money away to hospitals and charitable organizations.

5. The $1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history! The record-shattering January 13, 2016 jackpot was split between three winning tickets: Maureen Smith of Florida, John and Lisa Robinson of Tennessee, and Mae and Marvin Acosta of California. Maureen Smith and the Robinsons chose to go public with their story, while the Acostas declined speaking to the press and spent six quiet months putting together a team of advisers before collecting their money. Each winning ticket earned an impressive $528.8 million for the respective owners.

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What made you decide to download the app? Perhaps it was the ease of playing the Powerball from your phone, or maybe you had a stack of old lottery tickets that you’d never checked. Whatever the reason, there may be more functionality to the app than you know! Now that your account is up and running, allow us to give you a tour of a few features and tips that will help you maximize your user experience.

1.Play Your Free Ticket

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It’s the newest game available for play in the app! Whether you’re a Powerball powerhouse or a Mega Millions mega fan, we’ve got you covered – and made it easier than ever for you to play.

3. Pick Your Lucky Numbers, Or Leave It To Us

Have you played the same lottery numbers for ten years? No problem, we want you to play all the lucky custom numbers you’d like. If you prefer leaving things to the lottery gods, your ticket will automatically generate random numbers like any other paper lottery ticket.

4. Send Your Friends Free Tickets

As always, it’s our goal to #wintogether, and we believe in sharing the love. That’s why we’ve sweetened an already sweet deal: for every friend to whom you send a free ticket who then downloads the app, you earn another a free ticket for yourself. It’s a win-win deal!5.

5. Cash Out In The App

Our redemption process allows you to either apply your current winnings to future ticket purchases or cash out directly to your bank account. The process is seamless and nearly instant. Say goodbye to the hassle of driving to the lottery office to claim your prize.

6. Reach Out To Our Customer Happiness Team Right From The App

Our Customer Happiness team is made up of real people, not robots, who love to help people 24-7-365. Simply click the three lines in the upper left corner of the app and tap HELP to begin a live conversation with one of our experts.

7. Use Our Ticket Scanner To Check Your Paper Tickets

It’s estimated that over $2 billion in lottery prizes go unclaimed every year. Many players don’t know that there are second and third-tier prizes available or don’t check their tickets thoroughly. Let’s face it – every dollar counts! If you’ve been sitting on a stack of unchecked tickets for months, use the app to snap photos of your tickets and we’ll alert if you’ve won, and how much. It’s that easy. Get ready to clean out your wallet and, hopefully, earn a few dollars!

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Since day one, our founders’ goal, besides building an app, has been to deliver uncommon value. The way that we interpret and share that value, on a daily, micro level, is to make people happy. Making people happy is not just our favorite hashtag or an empty promise, it’s the guiding principle in every choice we make as a company. We want to make everyone happy, from our users level all the way up to our shareholders. If you ask any of our Customer Happiness Heroes what their job is, they will all reply “making people happy.” (As a side note: we tested this thesis and were correct.)

“Surprise and Delight” – And Then Do More

You are likely familiar with the term “surprise and delight,” as it relates to business. If you’re not, here’s a paraphrased explanation from “Companies introduce experiences that slide the dial from “mundane” to “awesome” … whether it’s in the form of a promotion or a streamlined way to interact or transact.” We all easily understand the concept that, when you receive a pleasant surprise, it makes you happy – and likely builds brand loyalty to the source. Have you ever had a restaurant manager kindly offer to buy you dinner or offered you a coupon for a free appetizer? Chances are very good you’ll dine at that restaurant again. Plenty of companies have wisely designed their marketing campaigns around S&D and have amassed loyal customers as a result. We work hard to make our user interface fun, exciting, easy to use, and enticing, so that users don’t come back just to play the lottery but because they love opening our app.

But, assuming that any company’s competitors are also trying to surprise and delight their audience, how does your company maintain and grow your client base at the same time? Be more surprising? More delightful than ever before?? Every user experience has its limit, especially if your product or UI are “off” in any way. Eventually, the “cool” factor will wear off if the user experience is terrible.

All You Need Is Love

If making an app flashy and fun isn’t enough on its own, how do you pull together the complete package? Bring the focus back to the users themselves. Ironically, the secret to making users happy is to emphasize the humanity in technology. Our Customer Happiness team are experts in this, and know how to do it better than anyone. Kristine and Melissa, some of our most experienced “Happiness Heroes” divulged their secrets. According to Kristine, “The secret to keeping our users happy is listening to them and sympathizing. I have also found that keeping a good line of communication and following up on issues makes them feel like they’re cared about. Even if an issue isn’t resolved yet, just letting them know, ‘We haven’t forgotten about you’ really helps.” Adds Melissa, “We put passion into helping our customers! It’s about really listening, problem solving and considering all feedback, and making real connections.” A committed, caring team made up of real people – not recordings or phone answering services – to help real people is just one of the ways that we aim to make people happy.

We are as imperfect as any other app or technology. While our team works tirelessly to close the gap, we rely on our softer skills to keep our users happy to come back and play again. And yes, we’ve been known to surprise and delight our users with the occasional free ticket 😉

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When it comes to brainstorming what makes the world a better place, big business is probably the furthest thing from your imagination. But the good news is that there are plenty of companies out there dedicated to making a real difference in their communities and beyond. In other words, the money you spend with some businesses doubles in value because its also stretching to help others. Here are a few change makers that are committed to the cause:

Retail: TOMS and Leesa

Physical and online retail stores sometimes donate proceeds of their sales, or items of value, to charities around their community and abroad.

You might have heard of companies like TOMS shoes, who give a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought in store or online. They currently ship shoes with over 100 services across more than 70 countries.

Another great example is, who donate a mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 mattresses sold on their site.

Personal Hygiene Products: Dove and The Body Shop

Image courtesy of Dove

You’ve probably seen the Dove Real Beauty campaigns. These are short, emotional, and often viral videos that promote self-love for people of all shapes and sizes. They directly address self-image issues that plague many women and even men. Instead of just selling a product, Dove promotes self-confidence.

The Body Shop is another company that helps out. It has product lines that support wildlife preservation in places like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The funds from certain products contribute to saving acres of endangered rainforest habitat.

Eyewear and Optometry: Warby Parker with VisionSpring

Warby Parker, like TOMS, provides a product to someone in need for every pair of glasses sold through their store. Over 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to much-needed eyewear, leaving up to 15% of the world’s population unable to work or learn. Warby Parker designs affordable eyewear and also partners with institutions like VisionSpring to deliver glasses to people in need.

Water Providers: People Water

Riccardo Mayer /

People Water is another company that offers a “buy one, give one” approach to their product — clean drinking water. Because they offer such a vital resource, the work they do is of tantamount importance worldwide. They believe positive social outcomes are just as important as making a profit.

Professional Service Firms: Ernst & Young

Sometimes institutions start by doing good within their own walls. Did you know that Ernst & Young was voted the best employer for people with disabilities in 2015? They cater to customers and employees with various degrees of disability, both in-person and online. That includes a job-aids process and a disability resource center for those who need it.

State Lotteries

Cylonphoto /

Many state lotteries use their revenue to support education and environmental programs within their communities. For example, the Arizona Lottery helps to fund the Healthy Families Program, which supports struggling families of people dealing with mental health issues. The Minnesota lottery helps fund natural resources, including the promotion of responsible hunting and fishing, and the Texas Lottery uses its revenue to support care and services for veterans across the state.

If you want the money you spend to do some good in the world, check out any of the companies listed above. And if you want to contribute to state lottery funding in your area, sign up with the app on your smartphone or tablet today. You can buy a Powerball ticket in just two taps, and help support all kinds of great causes!

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You’ve undoubtedly read scores of company profiles, articles, reviews, and founders’ bios for companies and products that are “disrupting the industry” in any given field. Companies, platforms, and tech are “changing the game” and “reimagining the way we think” about X concept. People have gone so far as to say that if you are not in front of disruption, you become a victim of it. This many expert opinions can’t possibly be wrong, can they?

At, we’ve decided to do just the opposite.


What the….?!!

Since the inception of, known then as AutoLotto, we’ve aimed to create a product that is inevitable and pushes the lottery industry forward, rather than disruptive to an already extremely popular, developed institution. Why choose the perhaps less flashy “inevitable growth” route? For one thing, inevitability is certainly not exclusive of innovation. It simply means creating a product or concept that is bound to be desired by the human experience. Innovation, by definition, means to “introduce something new or different.” Its synonyms include breaking new ground, contemporary, and ingenious. Those all sound like pretty good ideas for a company, don’t they? A literal wise guy, Albert Einstein, once said that the definition of insanity is doing something the same way over and over again and expecting a different result. As humans and as industries, we naturally evolve and that evolution pushes us forward.

Cell phones have evolved just a bit since the flip phone. (Image: Michael Kulesza //

Adapt and flourish

The second reason we take this approach is that we believe in building things that we think should exist. Bringing an industry online doesn’t disrupt that industry, it adapts it to fit the modern zeitgeist. It is inevitable that almost everything will be automated and brought online in the near future. Many people no longer go to the grocery store to purchase their food, they order it online. The good news is that by simply advancing an existing industry, we can expand the current market of lottery players to include millennials and over tech savvy demographics. The reason that this is important is because it means the lottery industry will stay alive and well, and continue to fund great things like education, social programs, and wildlife conservation.

How we do it

Cooperation is key. (Image: Jonathan Velesquez // endeavors to advance, not agitate. We seek recognition of our legality, cooperation, and partnership in every state that we operate in. In the lottery world, that’s a big deal. In fact, we would never infringe upon the existing lottery in a state before going live. So no, we don’t aim to disrupt officially and state-sanctioned lottery games and local retailers, we work to innovate and advance the process so that buyers and sellers of lottery tickets alike can #wintogether.

(Image: Iconion)

Do you want to learn more or try our app out for yourself? Head to to learn more or go straight to to download the app. Even in states where we are working to go live, you are able to use the app to track your paper tickets for winnings. For lottery results, jokes, and crazy stories, follow us on Twitter @lotterydotcom or on Facebook. Connect with us on LinkedIn and be sure to share this content and clap if you like it.

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How have lotteries changed since they were first introduced? What has stayed the same? Our brief history of the lottery takes a fun and informative tour through the past to uncover the origins of America’s favorite games of chance.

The Beginning

Chantel Lucas /

Lottery-style games have been around for a long time and they are popular all around the world. Various forms of lottery games make an appearance in the Bible, the Quran, Greek mythology, and ancient Japanese and Chinese histories. The Romans used lottery games to predict the future, reward their followers, and distribute gifts at parties. Jobs, political positions, and property were also distributed by lottery draws throughout history.

A popular Italian lottery game in the 15th century, bianca carta, is believed to have given birth to the lottery ticket. The name comes from the word “white” in Italian, which is in reference to the white paper tickets. In France, the Italian entourage of Caterina de Medici introduced the game as blanque.

Changing Lottery Prize Structures

The concept that we now know as state lotteries began to develop in the 1560s after unlicensed lotteries were outlawed in Flanders in 1526. Class lotteries used several levels of prizes, from most lucrative to least, and participants could buy in at multiple levels.

The Use of Lottery Numbers

source unknown

In the 16th century, Genoa used a lottery draw to fill 90 senator spots. Eventually the public began betting on the drawing outcomes, which was the start of “Lotto.” The names of the senators were replaced by lottery numbers 1 through 90. Sounds similar to the Powerball numbers we use now, doesn’t it? This “new” game was operated by bankers and then taken over by the state. A “6 out of 49” number system was first introduced in Berlin in 1952.

Funding Social Programs

August Caesar famously sold lottery tickets to fund repairs for the city of Rome. As early as 1539, France used lotteries to make up for lost capital after being at war with Spain. Lotteries were also used to fund the Hôpital Général de Paris, the king’s wedding, and the renovation of many Parisian churches. To this day, lottery funding is used in state projects across America and goes toward educational funding, among other causes.

The First New York Lotteries

La Compagnie Robinson /

Lotteries came to America with European settlers. The first official U.S. lottery happened around 1746 to help pay for fortification of the city. At the end of that same year, a lottery was used to help in the construction costs of building a college. In order to prevent raising taxes to alleviate post-war debt, lotteries were used to raise money for various projects, including founding a college, repaying public debt, and building a lighthouse. Lotteries began to really catch on across the U.S. in the 1980s.

Lotteries and Technology

Lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions are now moving towards a digital future. The app allows you to play the lottery right on your smartphone. Finally, the lottery is catching up to other industries that have already benefited from going digital. Technological advancements are also used to ensure that the lottery stays fair for everyone.

The Future of the Lottery

At, we are continuing to expand and add more games to our platform so stay tuned! In the meantime, use the app to check your paper tickets or play the Powerball, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with the latest updates.

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When your family wins the lottery, what should you do first? You may want to distribute some of the money to those close to you, support your favorite charitable cause, or put some into savings. But, of course, you’ll also want to treat yourself and your family a bit, and here are some great ways to do just that:

Send Your Kids to College

Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

The college of their dreams is within reach when your lottery windfall is available to pay for steep tuition costs. You really can’t beat a good education — after all, it’s an investment in their future. It may not be as glamorous as a new sports car or some of the other options here, but it will be extremely valuable in the long run. Trust us.

Invest in Home Improvements

Shutterstock / udra11

If you don’t buy a new home altogether, why not make a few desirable adjustments to your current home? As a new lottery winner, you may want to go all out with a pool, a game room, or energy efficient additions. Or, you may be thinking of something more modest. Have you always dreamed of having an open-concept kitchen and an island counter with a double sink? Now’s the time to go for it!

Pamper Yourselves

Shutterstock / Dasha Petrenko

Go out for a nice dinner, enjoy a salon trip, book a couples’ massage, get the iPhone X, take a family trip. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the small things that you might have put aside before that are finally within your reach.

Visit Disney World

Shutterstock / Ken Wolter

Guaranteed to delight the whole family, Disney World is the ideal trip to take together. The rides, the food, the events and parades, the resort, the characters and costumes…there’s so much to do and see. What tends to be an expensive trip will be no problem once you’ve won the Powerball jackpot.

Fund Your Bucket List

Inked Pixels/ Africa Studio

“I’ve always wanted to…” You’ve no doubt said these words before. Whether it’s a specific destination, adventurous activities, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, everyone has a bucket list. Why not get started on yours by putting some of your lotto winnings towards checking these items off?

Take a Cruise

Shutterstock / Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko

Even if you’re keeping your 9-to-5 (and many lottery winners do), you will probably want to treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation. There’s nothing more relaxing than the scent of open waters and the sound of the waves as you suntan on the deck of a yacht. Or, maybe you want to be the captain of your own cruise.

Travel the World

Shutterstock / I am Kulz

There are so many things to see and do across the globe. Make a list of the sights that you and your family want to see and then set off to start exploring. This is the time to treat yourself, and your loved ones, to some unforgettable and life-changing experiences.

What’s on your lottery winnings must-do list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter — or leave us any other questions or comments and we’ll do our best to help out.

To have a shot at making your dream list a reality, grab a free Mega Millions or Powerball ticket on your smartphone or tablet by signing up with

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The end of the year is notoriously the most expensive time of year, whether you celebrate the holidays or not. Office gift exchanges, presents, travel to see family, and extra meals out create a cash suck. Now, imagine an alternative to all that financial stress: a lottery win in the midst of “the most wonderful time of the year.” The currently climbing lottery jackpots just might provide a few fortune-favored winners the opportunity to have their best holiday season ever. If you are one such lucky lotto player, here are a few ideas for how to treat yourself to an epic December:

1. Stay at the Cabin or Lodge of Your Dreams — Simon Robbin

For those who love the snow, there’s no better way to immerse yourself than in a cozy cabin or ski lodge. Whether you love a relaxing sauna session or hitting the slopes, there are options for anyone. Many resorts and rentals are also family-friendly and offer discounted lift tickets and activities for children. Go ahead, treat yourself.

2. Go Heliskiing or Heliboarding


Feeling fearless? This is arguably the most intrepid winter activity out there. Helicopters carry experienced skiers and snowboarders to the top of untouched peaks where they are left to ride down steep, flawless mountain faces. Experienced winter athletes cite this as one of their greatest thrills but, be forewarned, this one is not for novices or the faint of heart.

3. Throw an Unforgettable Holiday Bash — Jake Owens

Holiday parties don’t need to be stuffy! Get creative and throw your friends and family a party none of you will ever forget. Whether it’s a black tie affair with real reindeer, a costume party on the slopes in Vail, or a pajama party with an Elvis impersonator and fountains of nacho cheese, you have the means to throw the soiree of the century. Go all out.

4. Travel The Country Via Train — Joanna Malinowska

Imagine traveling up the gorgeous California coast or making the nostalgia-filled journey from New York City all the way to San Francisco, all from the comfort and warmth of a train car. Rail vacation packages can be purchased for yourself or a group and promise sites along the way like Times Square, the Hudson River, the Rocky Mountains, and Fisherman’s Wharf. For anyone looking to explore the U.S. and have a unique holiday experience, this might be the option for you.

5. Surprise Families by Paying For Their Gifts on Layaway — Michal Jarmoluk

Although there are plenty of flashy ways to spend your newly-won cash, this may be the most fulfilling option of all. Many large retailers offer layaway plans for families who are unable to take on the financial burden of the holidays all at once. Follow in the footsteps of other anonymous donors who have generously paid off the cost of layaway gifts for hundreds of families. You have the potential to not only give a merry holiday season, but to change lives. Winning feels good, but paying it forward feels even better.

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When you play the lottery, it’s not only for your benefit — you’re also giving back to all of the people in your state who are directly impacted by lottery funding. Here are some of the ways lottery funding supports social causes across the United States:


Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

In the 2016 fiscal year, more than $2.6 million in lottery fundingcontributed to a variety of public projects benefiting the state of Minnesota. For every dollar spent on lottery tickets in the North Star State, 13 cents go to the General Fund (which includes education and public safety), 6.5 cents go to environmental protection programs, and 4.6 cents go to other public resources like zoos, parks, and trails.

One such lottery-funded project is the Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventure, which focuses on “place-based education” and takes students out of the classroom to engage with the outdoors and their own communities. This hands-on experience focuses on team building and leadership skills. Lottery funding helped buy locally-made canoes for the project.


Shutterstock / Andrey Popov

The Ohio Lottery places all net proceeds into a state treasury that in turn distributes them among a variety of educational programs. These funds are divided between elementary, secondary, vocational, and special education programs. The state lottery has also established an “Academic All Stars” and “Teacher of the Month” award to promote the good work being done in Ohio schools.

In 2016 alone, the Ohio State Lottery provided $1.06 billion in funding to education programs — a staggering $76.1 million increase from the previous year. Since its creation in 1974, the state lottery has given more than $22 billion to state education funds.


Shutterstock / SnvvSnvvSnvv

In Arizona, lottery funding is split between various social initiatives that impact residents across the state. In the 2015 fiscal year, $22.2 million in lottery funds went to education, $10.6 million went to human services (such as the Healthy Families program), $14.9 million went to economic and business development, and $10 million went to environmental protection and education.

The state lottery also contributes to the Arizona Competes Fund which supports the Arizona Commerce Authority by providing grants to established state-based enterprises and business development initiatives.

North Dakota

Shutterstock / Tom Reichner

Like many states, North Dakota has a systematic breakdown that shows where every dollar brought in by the state lottery should be allocated. Some unique highlights include: 1% to an addiction treatment fund and 2% to a multi-jurisdictional drug task force fund. Unsurprisingly, 22% of funding directly supports the State General Fund to assist with big ticket items like education.

2015 was a record-setting year for the North Dakota lottery — a whopping $6.1 million went to the State General Fund.

New Hampshire

Shutterstock / Laura Stone

Education is the primary benefactor of New Hampshire’s state lottery funding. In total, 25% of lottery proceeds go to education. To date, more than $1.7 billion has been provided to academic programs across the state.

When the New Hampshire State Lottery was first established, there was no sales or state income tax, so the lottery funding swooped in to save the day when the educational system needed support. The state lottery has been contributing to educational funding since 1964.

The American lottery has a long history of funding social, cultural, and economic projects, which means that when you buy a ticket, you are buying into the well-being of your country. What’s even better than contributing to your community, state, or country when you buy a lottery ticket? Contributing for free when you sign up for the app and receiving a complimentary Powerball ticket on your smartphone or tablet.

By now, you’ve noticed the complete overhaul of our name, our look, and our app. Curious why we made the big change? Here are five reasons why we rebranded to

1. We Are A One-Stop Shop For All Things Lottery

At, we know that we are more than just an app; we are a lottery platform and industry leader in the lottery space. is the ultimate destination for all things lottery: we provide instant ticket results, jackpot sizes, the latest lottery news, and allow users in our active states to play the Powerball right from their phone. is more aligned with our greater mission, not just our app functionality.

2. Instant Name Recognition, Worldwide

photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov // Unsplash

The first point brings us to our second point: it only makes sense for our name to reflect what we do and the services we provide. is an instantly recognizable name that we are working to take worldwide. Our new name and look allows for better brand recognition. Now we can finally squash any confusion about our company and the automotive industry!

3. Big Money, Big Hype

photo credit: Andrew Pons //

Our brand refresh came just in time for the second largest Powerball jackpot of all time: $758.7 million! In an even more exciting twist, it was the largest jackpot to be won by a single winner, Ms. Mavis Wanczyk. It was, and continues to be, an incredibly exciting time to play the lottery, especially now that Mega Millions has upped their minimum jackpots to double those of the past. Simply put, the lottery is having a moment, and we are thrilled to be part of it.

4. A New Name Starts New Conversations

photo credit: Nik MacMillan //

A rebrand brings attention, and that’s a good thing. For one, it allows us to have fresh conversations about our brand and the industry as a whole. Specifically, we can use our platform to start more conversations about the value of the lottery as a tool for social good. Playing the lottery doesn’t just benefit the winners, it benefits the states where tickets are purchased. Lottery funding goes toward supporting various initiatives, state by state, including education, the Healthy Families Program, environmental protection programs, and more.

5. Change Is A Good Thing

photo credit: Jeremy Perkins // Unsplash

Why fix what isn’t broken? For the same reason that successful people continue to push themselves, change, and move forward in a completely different direction than that which made them a big deal in the first place. Ultimately, staying the same equates to staying stagnant. In the same vein as Jeff Bezos, who didn’t want to stick to selling only books, or movie stars who’ve gone on to become politicians or best-selling authors, continuing to push forward is necessary to survive and flourish.