October 18, 2019 Texas Pick 3 Night Winning Numbers

These are the October 18, 2019 winning numbers for Pick 3 Night. To stay up to date with the latest lottery information, download our mobile app.

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About the Texas Lottery

Millions of players enjoy the games of the TX Lottery every day, but the biggest resulting winner is Texas education. The Texas Lottery isn't just about fun and games; the TX Lottery generates revenue for Texas education and veteran assistance programs while incorporating the highest standards of security, integrity, and responsible gaming principles.

There are several TX Lottery games for Texans to play, with daily lottos and huge jackpot weekly games available: Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Texas Triple Chance, Texas Two Step, All or Nothing Morning, All or Nothing Day, All or Nothing Evening, All or Nothing Night, Cash 5, Daily 4 Morning, Daily 4 Day, Daily 4 Evening, Daily 4 Night, Pick 3 Morning, Pick 3 Day, Pick 3 Evening, and Pick 3 Night.

Texas Lottery Records

  • In 2016, Texas Lottery saw record-breaking sales of $5.07 billion. A revenue transfer of $1.39 billion was given to the state, making it the single largest annual lottery transfer in the state's history.
  • For the 13th consecutive year, the Texas Lottery has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for Texas.
  • In 2016, $1.37 billion in proceeds was transferred to the Foundation School Fund to support public education, which was the largest annual revenue transfer to the Foundation School Fund in the history of the Texas Lottery.
  • Also in 2016, $14.7 million was transferred to the Texas Veterans Commission for the sale of the dedicated scratch tickets, the largest annual transfer to the Veterans Fund since the inception of the game in 2009.

Texas Lottery Achievements

  • Since 1992, over $25 billion in revenue has been generated for the state of Texas, including more than $19 billion given in support to the Foundation School Fund.
  • More than $66 million since fiscal year 2010 has been transferred to the Texas Veterans Commission, benefiting the Fund For Veterans' Assitance.

Responsible Gaming in Texas

Educating consumers, retailers, and TX Lottery employees about responsible play of lottery games continues to be a critical area of focus for the agency. The "PLAY RESPONSIBLY" message was launched in 2003 and appears on all tickets, publications, advertising, points of sale, and news releases.