Latest Oregon Pick 4 4PM Results

Oregon Lottery Games

Game Name Entry Close Time Possible Numbers Prize Type Draw Time Draw Days
Powerball 7:00 PM PST 5 from 1-69 and 1 from 1-26 Jackpot 7:59 PM PST Wednesday and Saturday
Mega Millions 7:00 PM PST 5 from 1-70 and 1 from 1-25 Jackpot 7:59 PM PST Tuesday and Friday
Oregon's Game Megabucks 7:29 PM PST 6 from 1-48 Jackpot 7:29 PM PST Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Lucky Lines 5:59 PM PST 8 from 1-32 Jackpot 6:00 PM PST Daily
Win for Life 5:59 PM PST 4 from 1-77 and 14 QP Top Prize 7:30 PM PST Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Pick 4 1PM 12:59 PM PST 4 from 0-9 Top Prize 1:00 PM PST Daily
Pick 4 4PM 3:59 PM PST 4 from 0-9 Top Prize 4:00 PM PST Daily
Pick 4 7PM 6:59 PM PST 4 from 0-9 Top Prize 7:00 PM PST Daily
Pick 4 10PM 9:59 PM PST 4 from 0-9 Top Prize 10:00 PM PST Daily

About the Oregon Lottery

In the middle of a harsh recession, the Oregon Lottery was established in 1984 by Oregonian voters to revive a weak economy and support economic development and job creation throughout the state.

On April 25, 1985, the Oregon Lottery launched its very first Scratch-it game. In November of that year, Oregon's Game Megabucks followed as the first computer-operated lottery game in Oregon.

By 1992, the Oregon Lottery was also offering Keno, Powerball, Daily 4, Breakopens, and Video Lottery Poker games throughout the state. The Video Lottery gaming system served as a breakthrough, as it was the first 24-hour, centrally controlled gaming system in the country.

Current games in the state of Oregon include Scratch-its, Oregon's Game Megabucks, Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick 4, Win For Life, Lucky Lines, and Raffle.

The OR Lottery also offers Video Lottery games that include both poker and Vegas-style line games. Line games were added to Video Lottery terminals in 2005.

The OR Lottery benefits state parks, public schools, wastershed enhancement, Outdoor School, job creation, and veteran services within the state.

To learn more about the OR Lottery, please visit the official web site.