October 21, 2019 Arizona 5 Card Cash Winning Numbers

You can find the October 21, 2019 winning numbers for 5 Card Cash on this page once the drawing occurs. To stay up to date with the latest lottery information, download our mobile app.

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    About the Arizona Lottery

    Arizona became the first state west of the Mississippi River to approve a lottery when a statewide public initiative passed in November of 1980. On July 1, 1981 the first Arizona Lottery product, Scratch It Rich, was sold to the public.

    Proceeds from the AZ Lottery are nearly $4 million weekly and fund a variety of Arizona state programs. Since July 1981, the AZ Lottery has paid out more than $6.1 billion in prizes to players, more than $3.7 billion in net funding to the state, and more than $800 million in commissions to retailers.

    In the 2017 fiscal year, AZ Lottery generated $852 million in gross revenue. Approximately 23% of the revenue - more than $198 million - was invested into vital state programs. Additionally, AZ Lottery retailers and players saw great profit. Nearly 3,000 retail partners earned over $57 million in commission and players won a total of $551 million in prizes.

    The Arizona Lottery currently offers the following draw games to play: The Pick, The Trio, Fantasy 5, Pick 3, All or Nothing Midday, All or Nothing Evening, 5 Card Cash, Powerball and Mega Millions.