Oregon Lottery winners for 2020: $1 million Mega Millions winner has to ask several times, ‘Are you serious?’

March 9, 2020 – Salem, Ore. – A Tualatin Air Pressure veteran had the shock of his existence as he recognized he won $1 million playing Mega Millions.

James Robbins of Tualatin purchased his $2 Mega Millions ticket at his local Fred Meyer, with some figures, for that February. 21 drawing. A couple of days later he required check in towards the customer support desk, in which the clerk told him he’d need to claim his prize in an OR Lottery payment center because he’d won greater than $600. Last Friday, he visited the OR Lottery’s Wilsonville Payment Center, where he learned he’d matched 5 figures but missed the Mega Ball – meaning he won $1 million.

“I was shocked I began trembling and the staff asked me if I wanted water,” he stated. “They also had me sign the rear of check in and explained that I needed to visit Salem to obtain the prize. I kept saying ‘Are you serious?’”

Since Robbins was so excited, he opted to take a friend to drive him to OR Lottery headquarters where he claimed his prize. OR Lottery’s Wilsonville Payment Centers are only able to shell out prizes as much as $50,000.

“I intend on helping my daughter, otherwise I will be saving it,” he stated.

This is actually the second large prize Fred Meyer continues to be accountable for this season, and officials stated they believe 2020 is off and away to an excellent start.

“Fred Meyer is proud to provide Or Lottery at our stores. We’re excited to offer a $1 million winning Mega Millions ticket at our Tualatin store,” stated Jeffery Temple, Director of Corporate Matters. “This may be the second large prize we’ve offered this season. To date, 2020 is a great year to buy Lottery tickets at Fred Meyer!”

$71,000 Keno champion

March 9, 2020 – Salem, Oregon – Grayson Boyte of Maupin, bought a Keno 8-spot ticket during a dinner along with a drink in the Rainbow Tavern. As he left, little did he realize that the ticket he left on the bar was worth over $71,000. Not only did he leave his winning ticket behind, he had not signed the rear of the ticket either – meaning anybody could have claimed the jackpot.

“I got to my truck and it struck me, I did not get my ticket,” he stated. “I returned inside and scanned it. They explained they didn’t understand how much it had been, but it was greater than $600.”

The following day Boyte, who is in construction, was joking with his employees about how much the ticket was worth, betting lunch about how much it was.

“All the bets were under $5,000,” he stated. “When I discovered it had been a ticket worth $71,000? I had been saying, Oh Boy!”

Boyte intends to buy a new trailer for his construction business using the $71,826 win – and to purchase his crew lunch.

“I owe the bartenders who didn’t throw my ticket away or claim it,” he stated. “That was great customer support.”


$250,000 Scratch-it champion

March 4, 2020 – Salem, Oregon — When Ruth Wallace sent her fiancé Scott O’Neil towards the store for groceries, a Scratch-it worth $250,000 wasn’t on the list.

Normally Ruth purchases the Scratch-its, and just from time to time, she stated. However, this time around Scott bought the tickets and happened to get a few of the $20 Scratch-its.

“We usually purchase the $5, $2 or $1 tickets,” she stated. “I was shocked she got some $20 tickets. I figured was extravagant.”

That’s, before the Klamath Falls couple scratched the tickets. Each ticket Ruth scratched were non-winning tickets, they stated. Each and every ticket Scott touched, would be a non-winner.

“Then I scratched my last ticket and thought it was for $250. That got me pretty excited,” Scott stated. “Then Ruth checked out it and realized it had been $250,000!”

Scott purchased the $20 Cash Spectacular Scratch-it in the Madison Market on sixth Street in Klamath Falls. After taxes the pair took home $170,000.

The pair stated these were getting into a brand new home soon, therefore the winnings goes toward new furniture and moving expenses. Additionally they stated they might purchase new cars.

$250,000 Scratch-it win

A Harrisburg couple, driving around the OR Coast after celebrating their ninth anniversary, thought their day couldn’t get any better. That all changed once they realized they’d won $250,000 playing an OR Lottery Scratch-it.

“We stopped to gas up and observed a billboard that the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots had a “4” in them,” Riley Ross stated. “Then we seen the mobile app and saw that Megabucks was at $4.4 million and made the decision we wanted to get four of every one.”

Once they purchased their tickets, Ross stated he spotted the $20 VIP Black Scratch-its and made the decision to get two of those.

“Normally we play two times per month and break even,” stated Jerrica Ross. “We also usually bring them home to play, but for whatever reason we made the decision to scratch them in the vehicle. We couldn’t believe it after I scanned it using the app it stated that we’d won $250,000!”

Jerrica stated after her tears stopped, the Harrisburg couple made the decision they would use the cash.

“We are going to pay off our bills and our home,” Riley stated. “It’s essentially a reset for the finances. It’s an excellent anniversary present!”

The pair bought their winning ticket in the Covering Station in Monmouth.


Win for Existence champion: $1,000 per week for existence

The month of January 23, 2020 – Salem, Oregon – It has been a really busy 12 several weeks for Todd Johnson. The Portland man got married, got a new vehicle and even bought a new home, and after all of those life changing moments, won the OR Lottery.

“Now I have enough money everything,” Johnson stated as he claimed the Win for Existence prize of $1,000 per week for existence.

Earlier this year, 5 minutes before he would depart for work, Johnson recognized he won the OR Lottery’s Win for Existence game. Johnson, a normal Win for Existence player, observed his tickets while getting ready for work, and used the Lottery’s mobile application to scan the tickets.

“I had 3 or 4 tickets and I saw a storyline from a guy who put his Megabucks ticket with the washer and made the decision to check on my tickets before work,” Johnson stated. “When I saw the animations around the app showing that I had won, I simply resumed checking the other tickets.”

Johnson stated he desired to see the animations the mobile app plays whenever you scan a winning ticket which shows – blue confetti, fireworks, balloons and many more. Also, he couldn’t believe he won.

“I am shocked, I finished up calling work and letting them know I’d be late,” he stated. “I did end up working my shift, but clearly I’d other activities on my mind.”

Wonderful major changes in his life this year, all he could say was, “Great timing!”

Johnson purchased the winning ticket in the Fred Meyer on NE Glisan, in Portland and officials with the organization stated they were excited to offer the very best prize and were proud to become an OR Lottery store.


Frederick Garza

$100,000 Powerball champion

The month of January 8, 2020 – Salem, Oregon – Frederick Garza from Portland knows the one who accounts for his $100,000 Powerball win – his father.

“When I won, the very thing to do was to call my mother and state that my father was delivering us magic,” Garza stated of his father who died last August. “Part from the prize, they will give a donation towards the church where we held his service. It had been beautiful plus they did a fantastic job.”

Garza won while using figures he’s used the last 3 years, a mix of his old baseball jersey and birthdays of family members. He won after buying a $9 Powerball ticket using the Power Play choice for the Jan. 4th drawing. The jackpot for that drawing was $237 million.

Garza matched four of 5 figures one of these to be the Powerball number, meaning he was one number from the jackpot. Fortunately, Garza spent the additional $1 per drawing to obtain the Power Play option. When players add Power Play, prizes apart from the jackpot could be multiplied as much as 10 occasions. The ability Play number was 2, thus doubling his prize from $50,000, to $100,000.

“I always have fun with the ability Play,” he stated. “I figured to basically get lucky, it would actually repay! It did, I won another $50,000 correctly!”

Garza purchased his winning ticket in the Plaid Kitchen on SW Broadway in Portland and joins other OR Lottery winners who’ve won greater than $38 billion in prizes since 1985.

The OR Lottery reminds players to continually sign the rear of their Lottery tickets, whatever the game. In case of winning a jackpot, they ought to meet with a reliable financial planner or similar professional to build up an agenda for his or her winnings. Prize winners in excess of $50,000 are encouraged to contact the Lottery office and schedule a scheduled appointment to assert their prize.


$8.4 million Megabucks jackpot champion

The month of January 15, 2020 – Salem, Oregon – Laundry day got thrilling for a Portland man who accidentally washed his wallet, and having an Oregon’s Game Megabucks ticket worth $8.4 million inside.

“I washed my wallet after which recognized I had the Lottery tickets inside,” stated Scott Moe, who won the prize. “A handful of the tickets were destroyed, although not the jackpot ticket.”

Moe was piecing together his laundered lottery tickets before bed, after using the Lottery’s ticket-checking app the very first time and realizing he’d won the $8.4 million jackpot, it had been night time. Moe stated that fortunately the ticket worth $8.4 million was the final one he bought and was guarded by other tickets in his wallet.

“I didn’t sleep until later the following day,” he stated. “My mind was racing!”

Moe took the  ticket to the OR Lottery Friday, Jan. 10 to ensure it had been a winning ticket. Players can leave their validated tickets in the OR Lottery office for approximately two months, when they decide how to get their prize, in both a 1-time lump sum payment or 30 annual payments. When Moe returned Monday, he stated he contacted an economic consultant and ran an agenda.

Moe took the majority-sum option, which splits the prize of $4.2 million, after taxes, Moe took home $2.85 million.

Moe purchased tickets in the Buy2 on SW Oleson Road in Portland. Officials with the organization stated it was the very first time one of their stores had sold a jackpot ticket, plus they were excited for Moe and to be a supporter for the OR Lottery.

For selling the winning ticket Buy2 will get single-percent selling bonus of $84,000.

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