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Latest California Daily 4 Results

How to Play CA Daily 4

Players choose four numbers between 0 and 9. Players also have the option to “Quick Pick” and have random numbers generated for them. Players then choose their wager style:

  • Box - match the winning numbers in any order
  • Straight - match the winning numbers in exact order
  • Straight/Box - match the winning numbers in exact order and win half the Straight prize and half the Box prize, or match the winning numbers in any order and win half the Box prize only.

For example, if a player chooses 2, 3, 4, 5 for Straight/Box and those numbers win, the player wins both wagers. If the Straight prize is $2,000 and the Box prize is $500, the player wins half the Straight prize ($1,000) plus half the Box prize ($250), for a combined total prize of $1,250.

Each play is $1.

CA Daily 4 Winning Details

Table of CA Lottery games, ticket sale closing times, possible numbers, prize types, and draw days:

Game Name Entry Close Time Possible Numbers Prize Type Draw Time Draw Days
Daily 4 6:30 PM PST 4 numbers from 0-9 Top Prize 6:30 PM PST Daily

Draw Days and Times

Drawings are held daily at 6:30 PM PT.

CA Daily 4 FAQs

Can I buy a CA Daily 4 ticket online?

California Daily 4 tickets are not available for online purchase at this time, but CA Powerball and Mega Millions tickets are!

When is the CA Daily 4?

Drawings are held every day!

What time is the CA Daily 4 drawing?

6:30 PM PT.

What are the CA Daily 4 winning numbers?

View the latest CA Daily 4 winning numbers in the app or on the website following each drawing here on the California Daily 4 Results page.