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The winning figures from last night’s Mega Millions lottery draw were 2, 9, 43, 49, and 63, and also the Mega Ball was 15. The jackpot was a believed $55 million having a cash-value choice of $39.3 million, but did anybody win the grand prize?

Nobody won the jackpot yesterday; now the Mega Millions jackpot amount is an estimated $60 million with a cash option of $42.9 million. Furthermore, nobody matched five figures to win the $1 million prize.

However, eight people matched four figures and the Mega Ball and won $10,000 each. Of those eight people, two players used the Megaplier, which yesterday was X2, to double their prizes to $20,000.

More than 200 players won $500 each by matching four balls and most 30 of those players bending their prizes while using Megaplier. More than 550 people won $200 each by matching three figures plus the Mega Ball, and nearly 100 of those players won $400 thanks to the Megaplier.

Thousands of players won smaller sized prizes, too. Greater than 467,000 players won prizes varying from $2 to $20 by matching various numbers, from just the Mega Ball to three numbers.

Mega Millions Lottery Winners

The Mega Millions lottery was started on May 17, 2002, whenever a player won the $28 million jackpot within the first draw. Since that time, greater than 200 tickets have matched all figures to win the jackpot. Mega Millions has awarded 19 jackpots in excess of $300 million, including the largest jackpot ever won worth an enormous $1.537 billion.

For some lottery luck, try playing Mega Millions on the Friday 13 in Michigan. Friday the 13 has yielded six jackpot winners, with four of the tickets being bought in Michigan. Another two Friday 13 jackpot winners purchased their tickets in New York and Ohio.

This past year, seven jackpots were won, in New York, NJ, Missouri, California, NH, Texas, and Ohio. In 2018, five tickets bought in Florida, NJ, Ohio, California, and SC won jackpot prizes.

This season, the very first Mega Millions jackpot was won on Feb 11 when a player in New Jersey won $202 million.

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