You may not have known that some state lotteries provide support to veterans in the community. For example, lotteries in Texas and Pennsylvania partially fund services and programs for veterans, many of whom suffer from injuries, mental health issues, and even homelessness. Let’s take a closer look at which state lotteries are involved and how your lottery ticket can help those who fought for our country.

Ticket Sales Support Veterans

Texas: In 2009, the Texas Lottery began offering a scratch ticket game that donates proceeds to the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA). Since then, the FVA has received more than $68 million from lottery contributions. More Texas lottery games that support veterans have launched, including Pitbull, Triple the Money, Wild 7’s Doubler, and Money Bags. Keep an eye out for these tickets at your local retailer.

Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania Lottery helps fund services that assist senior citizens, which include veterans and their families. With the help of players, the lottery has provided more than $25 billion to senior services.

Illinois: The Illinois Lottery Veterans Cash contributes all proceeds to the Illinois Veterans Assistance Fund. The proceeds are awarded as grants for different groups that help veterans with employment, disability benefits, health insurance, and more.

Oregon: As of 2016, Oregon is looking to dedicate 1.5% of lottery revenue to veteran programs. This is a part of Measure 96, and will help support employment, education, housing, and physical/mental health care for veterans.

Lottery-Funded Veteran Services and Programs

Claims Representation and Legal Counseling

Veterans often face challenges that require legal advice or counseling, including employment and disability rights. These services can be costly, difficult to access, or just not be specialized to the needs of veterans. Lottery funding can be used to provide specialized, accessible, and affordable representation for veterans.

Employment Services

Many veterans want and are able to work but circumstances or disabilities can hinder job preparation, training, and searching. Employment services, funded by lottery grants, help to match business owners and management with qualified veteran workers. This service offers value to both the veterans, who gain a steady income, as well as the employers, who benefit from the experience, enthusiasm, and skills that veterans bring to the company.

Education Programs

Besides traditional job training, education also involves providing resources for assistant services and helping veterans learn about their rights. No one deserves to be left behind by the system, so lottery-funded programs are offered online, by phone, and in-person to educate veteran citizens about the options available to them, no matter the situation.

Crisis Line

The Veteran Crisis Line helps veterans and their families deal with mental health concerns, such as suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Qualified responders are available via hotline, online chat, or text (great for the hearing-impaired).

Some state lotteries work to provide veterans with accessible and affordable services to meet their quality of life needs. Hopefully, more states follow these inspiring examples.

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