Did you know that a broken baseball bat could plant a tree? And it isn’t the only way the lottery has made the news in some fun and interesting ways. Here are our top four favorite times the lottery made headlines in Arizona:

#4 – Arizona Diamondbacks Partnered with the Lottery to Plant Trees for Every Broken Bat

The MLB Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Lottery promised to plant a tree for every opponent’s bat broken by a D-Back pitcher. Due to this promise, the “Break a Bat, Plant a Tree” initiative is a fun way to promote all the good the Arizona Lottery is doing for the community. Judd Norris, the Diamondbacks’ vice president of corporate sponsorship, says that they “want people to know that money generated from Arizona Lottery promotions is used for good causes in the community.” Not only is this great for the Arizona community, it adds an extra element of excitement to every Diamondbacks game.

#3 – Two-Time Lottery Winners in Arizona

Diane and Kerry Carmichael defied the odds when they won big in the Arizona State Lottery not once but twice! The couple has been playing the lottery together every week since 1984. They have used their winnings modestly to pay off some debt, take a few vacations, and make wise investments. What have they taken away from their experiences? Kerry says it’s that expressing gratitude is crucial. Because of their freakishly good luck, together their major winnings total $3.5 million. They won $2.5 million in the Pick jackpot in 1995, and then $1 million in a second-place Powerball right before their annual payout for the first winning was coming to an end.

#2 – Arizona Lottery Winner Caught on Tape

In November 2012, an Arizona man was caught celebrating on a convenience store surveillance tape after noticing that his lottery ticket matched the second place winning numbers. On the security camera footage, the lucky lottery winner is seen conferring with the store clerk and multiple other customers to ensure he did, in fact, have a winning ticket. All present agreed that the ticket was a winner in Arizona. The men left the convenience store with a final, emphatic “I won!” When all was said and done, his winning ticket would net him a cash payout of $192.5 million. Which was so exciting that he reportedly almost forgot to purchase the gas that he was in the convenience store to buy in the first place. Can you blame him?

#1 – 101-Year-Old Arizona Woman Wins $50,000 Jackpot

At 101 years old, Lily Camacho won a grand prize of $50,000 from an Arizona Money Tree scratch ticket in December of 2014. The winnings came just in time to go Christmas shopping for her 24 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren, 19 great-great-grandchildren, and one great-great-great-grandchild. Her son, Eusebio Camacho, bought her the winning ticket that day, as both of them occasionally play the lottery together. As a result of the news, Karen Bach, director of budget, products, and communications for the Arizona Lottery, noted that, “At 101 years old, she is one of the oldest Arizona Lottery winners we have had the pleasure of meeting.” These are just a few of our favorite stories to date. The Arizona Lottery will no doubt continue to make exciting news headlines, and we can’t wait to see what comes next! Photo: Sam Wheeler