Adam Watson and Christine Komarec go over details of lottery scratch-off ticket sales that begin Monday.

TUPELO • As of a week from Monday, customers can get a haircut, massage,  and a lottery ticket at Gameday Haircuts & Spa.

The company is among nearly 1,200 retailers statewide that’ll begin selling lottery scratch-off tickets.

Although a little unusual for a beauty salon to sell lottery tickets, Mississippi Lottery officials say there is a variety of outlets that will be selling them. The main sellers will be supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, and tobacco/beer stores, but other companies are qualified. Licensed casinos are also applicable.

Adam Watson and Christina Komarec opened up Gameday 2 yrs ago in Tupelo and recently opened up another location in Corinth. For the time being, just the Tupelo store will sell lottery tickets.

“We’ve got all of the equipment, and it is all set to go,” Watson stated. “They came over a couple of days ago and installed it so we did working out.

“On the 25th, you will see four lottery ticket options – a $1, two $2 options along with a $5 option, and individuals would be the scratch-and-wins. Last day of the month of January, the state will offer you the multi-state Powerball and MegaMillion tickets.  Once the crowds get big and will they will be huge, the jackpots get greater and greater.”

Meg Annison, the director of communications for that Mississippi Lottery, stated about 1,600 applications are presently being reviewed for retailers searching to market lottery tickets.

“It just takes some time, and there isn’t any cutoff for applications,” she stated. “We’re accepting them constantly and reviewing them.”

Applicants pay an upfront price of $80. Lottery equipment, supplies and training are supplied free of charge, pending approval from the application. Each additional store costs $15. There’s a $20 weekly service charge per store to pay for operational expenses.

Retailers get 6% commission on lottery sales.

And the other advantage of selling lottery tickers, official say, is more repeat customers, additional customer traffic, and elevated sales of other store merchandise.

The Lottery’s retail network includes traditional outlets such as supermarkets, gasoline stations and supermarkets, in addition to locations for example barbershops, salons, electronics stores, restaurants and sports stores.

Well-known brands like Papa V’s, Dodge’s, Sprint Mart, Blue Sky and Circle K are some of the multi-unit stores that’ll be selling tickets in the area and statewide.

Applicants must pass a credit assessment, a criminal record check and therefore are up to date using the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

For Watson, getting the opportunity to sell lottery tickets originates full circle.

As he is at college on and on to Dallas to experience tennis, he bought his first lottery tickets and quickly won.

“I purchased a $2 scratch-and-win ticket and won $1,000,” he stated having a laugh. “I always enjoyed playing for that reason. I’ve had success at occasions, not to mention I’ve spent some cash. But I’ve been hooked since. Once they announced the lottery was visiting Mississippi, I had been excited and understood I needed to create it to the business. And it truely does work with this name, Gameday.”

And if you hit it big time, retailers will pay as much as $600 anything further than might you must see Jackson to obtain the prize money in the lottery office.

In Baldywn, Pace Pak A Pok owner Chintan Brahmbhatt also offers his equipment and subscribes, prepared to sell lottery tickets. He’s without doubt that he’ll see elevated traffic in the store.

“I think it’ll be great for business and produce more and more people in to the store,” he stated. “Everybody is happy about this. I probably have that obtaining the lottery is going to be good. I do believe all you do in order to bring individuals, you want to do it.”

Applications are increasingly being recognized online at for retailers thinking about selling lottery tickets.

The very first $80 million of lottery proceeds goes toward the condition highway fund to assist using the state’s infrastructure, using the remaining visiting the the training enhancement fund. That deal is within spot for the very first ten years from the lottery. Next, the very first $80 million will visit the general fund.

Potential retailers who’ve not registered and therefore are interested should visit world wide and then click “Retailer Sources.” There’s no-limit to the amount of retailers the MLC may accept.

Although not everybody is aboard using the lottery at this time.

In Saltillo The Shop owner John Maynor takes a wait-and-see approach.

“I’m not likely to sell them yet – I wish to observe how it is going first,” he stated. “Now basically observe that it’s hurting business, I’ll consider. However for at this time, I will postpone.”

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