HENRICO COUNTY, VA – A Henrico woman recently had her dreams come true when she realized she won $1 million playing the Virginia Lottery’s 20X the Money game.

When she realized what she’d won, Lichelle Rivers was so excited that she forgot to pay for her Red Bull and just ran out of the store.

“I ran to the car and told my fiancée I’d won!” she explained.

Obviously, Rivers did return inside Gas & Snack on South Laburnum Avenue to cover her Red Bull.

Rivers says she doesn’t yet have a plan for how she wants to use her winnings.

“I’m just still trying to take it all in!” she exclaimed.

Rivers is the third person to claim the game’s top prize, which means one final top prize remains unclaimed. Her likelihood of winning the $1 million top prize was one in 1,224,000.

River chose to accept one-time cash option of $610,874 before taxes, rather than being paid out the full $1 million prize over 30 years.

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