Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? is the ultimate destination for all things lottery. Get instant results, track jackpot sizes and follow the latest lottery news. If you’re in one of our LIVE states you can play the real Powerball and Mega Millions games right from your mobile phone using the app! You’ll never have to worry about losing your ticket or checking your numbers, and you’ll get 100 percent of your winnings.

If we haven’t launched live ticket play in your state yet, you can still get AutoLotto alerts, results, check jackpot sizes, and track your paper Powerball and Mega Millions tickets in the app. Simply snap a photo of your ticket and we’ll track it and let you know if you’ve won. However, don’t lose those tickets! is not responsible for managing physical tickets.


How does the app remind me when to play?

You can set AutoLotto alerts within the app to alert you of upcoming draws for multistate and individual state lotteries, with the ability to select if you’d like to be reminded of every draw or only when the jackpot reaches a certain amount.


How can I download the app?

If a friend has invited you, be sure to use the referral link that was sent to you. If you haven’t been sent a referral link, simply go to the home page and follow the steps to get the app.


Can I play more tickets with my winnings?

Yes! Your winnings will stay in your balance so you can play more tickets, or you can request a cashout, and we’ll send you 100 percent of your winnings.


What methods of payment can I use?

We currently accept Electronic Bank Transfers in the form of ACH payments.  You will need a bank account to use our paid services.


Do you charge any fees or take a portion of my winnings?

We NEVER take any portion of a user’s winnings. When you play on, you get 100 percent of your winnings. If you are lucky enough to hit the big jackpot, we’ll contact you and help you through the redemption process, which includes tax liability for wins over $600. Not to worry, we’ll walk you through every step, and even protect your privacy in the process. However, as part of our service, a small fee is charged per transaction, which you will see during the checkout process.


Can I check my physical tickets for winners in the app?

Yes! You can take a picture of your paper Powerball or Mega Millions tickets directly from the app. We’ll track your tickets and let you know if you’ve won! Please note that does not handle redemption for scanned tickets, so please make sure you don’t lose or damage your tickets!


Why do I have to give my phone number to sign up?

We use your mobile phone number to verify that you’re a real human, and not a robot. We will only send you text messages with your permission, and you may opt out at any time.


Can control who wins?

No. is a ticket management service, which means we manage the interest of the ticket on our users’ behalf. We can’t control or alter the odds or winners of any lottery game.


Can I play Mega Millions?

Yes! Mega Millions is now available for all states where we are live. We are currently in the process of rolling out Mega Millions and Powerball to all 44 participating states.


Does mail me my paper ticket when I play through the app?

No, but we will send you an email receipt. manages the interest of your lottery ticket for you when you play through the app, but you always remain the owner of it. We check the numbers for you, redeem your winnings, and pay you out directly through the app. You can cashout anytime, and receive 100 percent of your winnings.


How do I track tickets?

Simply press the “Track Ticket” button in the app, choose the draw date of your ticket and follow the prompts to take a photo of your ticket. We’ll load your numbers into the app, compare against winning numbers for that draw, and notify you if you’ve won. Please note that does not handle redemption for scanned tickets, so please make sure you don’t lose or damage your tickets, and always be sure to sign the back of your ticket!


Can I claim my winning paper ticket through does not handle winnings for your paper tickets. Each state in which you obtained a winning ticket has their own process for claiming those tickets. To help you redeem your winnings, we’ve developed a “Find a Retailer” feature in the app. Of course, we’re here to help whenever something comes up so just contact Customer Happiness if you’d like our assistance.


I live in a state without the Lottery. Can I still play?

Unfortunately, you may not partake in the lottery if you are under age or outside of a lottery state. can still be your go-to destination for all things lottery, and you’ll definitely want your app on hand for road trips and vacations to live states.


Is the official site for the lottery? is not associated nor has any affiliation with Powerball, Mega Millions, or any state lottery.