Othello Harvest Foods

OTHELLO – Joel Garza of Othello is $50,000 more potent after winning big in Washington’s Powerball. A

Based on public information released on Washington Lottery’s website, Joel purchased his winning ticket from LEP-RE-KON Harvest Foods on Primary Street in Othello on November 1.

To be able to win $50,000 from Powerball, your figures must match four white-colored ball figures and something Powerball number. The chances of winning $50,000 from Washington’s Powerball is one in 913,000.

Maria, the accountant at Othello Harvest Foods handles lottery win claims at the shop. She states she came face-to-face with Joel as soon as he discovered.

“He was shocked, however, calm about this,” Maria told iFIBER ONE News on Thursday. “We all think it is a tale initially and thus did he, but he really won.”

In her own year-and-a-half working at the shop, Maria states it had been the very first big lottery win she understood of.

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