Frequently Asked Questions – Prepaid Account

Why am I getting this card?

The prepaid card account is used by to facilitate ticket play transactions from your credit card.


Did I approve the card?

Yes, during the app credit card setup process, you agreed to the account as part of your initial purchase sequence when you entered your credit card information.


Will the prepaid account impact my credit score?

No. This is a prepaid card, so there is no credit check or any impact at all to your credit score.


Can I close the prepaid card account?

Closing the prepaid account will restrict your ability to purchase tickets in the application using your credit card. You can still make purchases via ACH by adding your bank account information.


Can I use the card outside of

Yes, you can load funds onto and use it anywhere prepaid cards are accepted. However, the bank may charge fees for this. Please read the information from the issuing bank for further details.


Are my winnings loaded onto the card?

No. As always, your winnings are deposited directly into your bank account.