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We are in era of social and technological growth and change, yet many global issues that have plagued the world for decades or even centuries continue to be an issue. Many feel that the world’s richest continue to get richer while the poor get poorer. Thankfully, innovative new fundraising platforms and new kinds of funding are starting to make advances in closing the gap. People – and, more importantly, companies – are realizing that these emerging technologies can partner with charitable causes to elevate corporate social responsibility and make a big global impact.  

The Power of Crypto

The United Nations’ World Food Programme is perhaps one of the world’s largest and most notable agencies utilizing the blockchain – the ledger on which all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded – to make an impact. While they already successfully provide food assistance to 100 million people in over 80 countries, transacting without banks has meant the elimination of up to 98% of the fees they normally incur. The blockchain has been used by the UN WFP in creative ways to feed families in Pakistan, facilitate cash transfers for over 10,000 Jordanian refugees in camps, and assist Syrian refugees in purchasing food from local retailers – and they don’t plan to stop there.

Some investors have taken to utilizing cryptocurrency as their primary means of funding other business and charitable causes. A recent article in Fast Company tells of crypto startup Ripple donating the crypto equivalent of $29 million to Companies like Ripple are working hard to eliminate barriers, such as the traditional banking system and limited currencies, from giving.

Power To The People recently hosted Power To The People, a benefit concert for the people of Puerto Rico, many of whom are still without power almost six months after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. While the concert was free to the public, the website has been collecting donations for nearly a month. You guessed it – the site accepts cryptocurrency. Donors are helping to rebuild and literally restore power to the island thanks to the power of cryptocurrency.

Powering Change On New Platforms

In one of the most innovative leaps taken in the charitable space thus far, and CashBet Coin have recently partnered to build a one-of-a-kind platform that will power lottery games and huge, international social impact raffles. Through these global lotteries, “intends to raise significant funds for charities and humanitarian efforts around the world.”

“It is always our goal at to advance the industry while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem as a whole. At the same time, payment processing is changing, and consumers are embracing the convenience of digital lotteries. Our ultimate vision is to create a global platform for lottery, social impact raffles, and other games of chance.”  – Tony DiMatteo, CEO of

Giving back is about become more globally conscious, easy, and fun than ever. We can’t wait to keep you posted!

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