What would you do if you won the lottery? We believe in treating yourself with fancy vacations and luxury cars, but it can’t hurt your karma to give back a bit, too.

We’ve done the work for you to determine what sort of contribution you could make to four great charitable projects if you won the jackpot. Here’s a breakdown of how far $1 million dollars could go to benefit the global community.

4,166 Cleft Palate Surgeries with Operation Smile

Child with Cleft Palate Before and After Surgery

Through Operation Smile, a donation of $240 can help to provide surgery for a child born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. This low fee is made possible by the thousands of doctors who volunteer their time, energy, and skills for this worthy cause.

Medical costs vary depending on the complication of each individual case. Assuming the minimum of a $240 operation cost per case, you could help 4,166 children afflicted with this condition. That’s no small feat!

16,666 Glasses with New Eyes for the Needy

Boy Wearing Eye Glasses in Field

New Eyes for the Needy provides disadvantaged children and adults with desperately needed affordable or free prescription eyewear. This charity donates eyeglasses to in-need families in the United States as well as developing nations around the world. Since 1932, New Eyes for the Needy has helped improve the vision of over 8,000,000 people around the world.

The average cost for a pair of glasses through New Eyes is only $60. This means that a lottery winning of $1 million could buy 16,666 pairs of glasses for those less fortunate. It’s not hard to see the benefits of this worthy cause.

Donate 10,000 goats and 20,000 chickens

Smiling Goat in Field

World Vision offers plenty of options for donating livestock, like chickens and goats, to impoverished families in developing nations. Their Animals & Agriculture program allows donors to choose the livestock they wish to “donate” but for $100 you can give a goat and two chickens, which it a pretty good deal.

At the cost of $100 for one goat and two chicks or chickens, a $1 million dollar donation would provide 10,000 goats and 20,000 chickens for families in third world countries. That’s a whopping 30,000 animals gifted to struggling families around the world!

Protect 100,000 Acres of Rainforest

The Rainforest Trust works with donors and volunteers to protect a vital natural habitat: the rainforest. As we all know, rainforests are home to a diverse array of animal and plant species that depend on them for survival. They also provide us oxygen by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Needless to say, rainforests are important for the future of many species on this planet—including our own. For a donation of only $10, you can protect 1 acre of rainforest land from logging and development. If you had $1 million in winnings to spend, that equates to 100,000 acres of rainforest. We’re sure the tree frogs and howler monkeys would thank you if they could.

If you won $1 million dollars tomorrow, what kinds of charities would you donate to? We’d love to hear about on our Facebook page or you can tag us on Twitter @lotterydotcom.

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