PHOENIX — A guy is charged with exploiting a flaw within the Arizona Lottery vending machines to receive $55,000 worth of tickets.

The 2009 week, the Arizona Attorney general’s Office filed charges against Everado Najera-Nava, 40, for computer tampering and fraud.

Investigators state that Nava exploited a flaw within Arizona Lottery vending machines that gave him $54,699 worth of lottery tickets without having to pay for any. How? Nava would enter his bank card in to the machine to begin the transaction. He’d then cancel the transaction, however, the device would release the tickets prior to the cancellation completing.

Najera-Nava did this over a 14 day period last summer.

Investigators apparently found 279 canceled transactions connected with Nava’s bank card. Court public records revealed that Nava tried to get more tickets free of charge even after the flaw was recognized and remedied.

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