Recently, our president, Ryan Dickinson, had a chance to sit down with Adam West of to discuss the charitable benefits and purpose of lotteries. The piece highlights how is reimagining the lottery experience (especially for a new generation of consumers) and connecting it more explicitly to aspirational social causes while driving lasting support for the good work governments do.

The article was originally published here on the site, and portions have been included below with their permission.

First, a word about was created with a singular goal: to better educate consumers about the benefits and perils of credit cards. Their mission is to inform and educate their visitors about the world of credit cards, encouraging better credit decisions and a brighter financial future for all. Their finance experts have been featured in and have contributed to a variety of national media outlets including CNN Money, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Entrepreneur, NBC News and many more. They are available to provide expert insight on a variety of personal finance topics.

In a Nutshell:

Lotteries benefit worthy causes — 44 U.S. states use them to generate funds for education, the environment, and much more. But when people don’t play, their money goes elsewhere — and millennials tend to play less frequently than previous generations. is reimagining the lottery by highlighting its charitable purposes and creating an app that makes the experience of playing more fun and convenient. The company is giving the lottery a new lease on life for the next generation of players, and putting more money into state initiatives that make life better for everyone.

“Our goal is to make it convenient for people to participate in the lottery,” President Ryan Dickinson said. “We also feel we have a social responsibility to highlight that playing is no different than making a donation to a worthy cause.”

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When most people think of playing the lottery, they think of the jackpots and becoming a multimillionaire, lavish vacations, and quitting their day job. The occasional cynic might think only of the odds against winning. But the truth is, regardless of your viewpoint, playing the lottery is about all of us winning together. How? Because every lottery ticket purchase helps fund important programs and initiatives at the state level. In California, for example, 95 cents of every dollar spent on lottery tickets goes directly back to the state! Curious where the money goes and who it helps? Read on to learn how the lottery benefits all of us, even if we don’t have the winning numbers.

Supporting Retailers

Retailers earn a commission on lottery ticket sales (typically around five percent) and, if they participate in the Retailer Incentive Program, they earn bonuses on large prize-winning tickets sold by their business. In fact, retailers can earn up to $1 million for selling a jackpot-winning ticket! In the app, we point users to their closest retailer because we want everyone, retailers included, to be happy and win together.  


Many states rightfully choose to support education in their state. The South Carolina Education Lottery, for example, was started in January 2002 with the initiative to increase revenue for public education. Since then they’ve given more than $5 billion to the Education Lottery account, and additional lottery proceeds have generated $3.46 billion to support scholarships and grants and benefited K-12 schools with more than $87 million. The California Lottery’s mission is “to maximize supplemental funding for public education.” Among other states that support education are Missouri, Arizona, and Montana, which uses lottery proceeds to fund scholarships at Montana colleges and universities for students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, math, and healthcare.

 Local Economies

Supporting Veterans

The Texas Lottery gives money to the Texas Veterans Commission’s Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. The fund awards grants to local government agencies and non-profits which address the needs of Texas Veterans and their families. Other states that support veterans via funds and support programs include Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Illinois.

Environmental Preservation

Both Nebraska and Arizona give a portion of their lottery proceeds to their local environment and wildlife, although the Colorado Lottery takes first place in preservation efforts. They are the only entity in the world that dedicates all of its lottery profits (typically more than $100 million a year) to preserving their environment. In total, the Colorado Lottery has given more than $2.7 billion back to the state to protect their land.

This isn’t just across the United States – even New Zealand uses its lottery system to protect their gorgeous landscape. They offer environment and heritage grants for projects that help “protect, conserve or care for our natural, cultural and physical heritage, or allow us to better understand and access these resources.”

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Clara Lionel Foundation

We are proud to announce one of our most exciting company wins yet: collaborating with the Clara Lionel Foundation. Founded by Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty, the Clara Lionel Foundation supports and funds groundbreaking and effective education, health and emergency response programs around the world. With the voices of Rihanna and her fans, CLF also engages in global advocacy with the goal of improving the quality of life for young people everywhere. We would be hard-pressed to find a foundation more aligned with our objective to #wintogether on a global scale.

Most recently, CLF has partnered with Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s celebrated, broadly inclusive cosmetic brand, on a new limited-edition makeup highlighter and Diamond Ball sweepstakes to raise critical funding for CLF. Each dollar donated or spent toward the highlighter purchase counts as one entry into the Diamond Ball sweepstakes, and 100% of funds will support CLF’s mission-critical initiatives in emergency responsiveness and education around the globe.

                            Clara Lionel Foundation product   Rihanna Diamond Ball is proud to power the sweepstakes platform that will give one very lucky winner the experience of a lifetime to fly to New York City, stay at a five-star hotel, walk the Diamond Ball red carpet, and attend Diamond Ball 2018 with a guest. In its fourth year, this year’s ball will be hosted by Issa Rae and headlined by Childish Gambino. Full details and sweepstakes rules can be found at There are three days left to enter!

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When you think of America’s Sweetheart, Drew or Julia may come to mind, but Mega Millions has been captivating Americans since 1996. Active in 44 states, Mega Millions operates two draws a week and has paid out ten jackpots in the last 18 months, and the same amount of second-tier prizes ($1 to $5 million) in 2018 alone. Need even more reasons to get excited about Mega Millions? Read on.

“Big” Money Is Good, But “Mega” is Better

Big Money is Good, But Mega is Better

Mega Millions, when first introduced on September 6, 1996, was originally called The Big Game. It wasn’t until 2002 that it was renamed and relaunched as The Big Game Mega Millions. That year, there were nine Mega Millions jackpots won, including the very first draw! Since 1996, the number of participating states has rocketed from six to forty-four, and there have been 175 jackpot-winning draws.

Mega Millionaire

Mega Millions Millionaire

We all want to know about the big money, and who’s winning it. The largest Mega Millions prize won in the game’s history is an impressive $656 million, split between winners in Kansas, Maryland, and Illinois. The jackpot also ranked as the third largest lottery prize in U.S. history! California and New York have also tasted success, bragging the highest number of winners by state.

Dream Maker, Record Breaker

The March 6, 2007 drawing, worth $390,000,000, broke records with its ticket sales. A record-setting 200 million tickets were sold, which is more than half of the U.S. population and the amount of the prize itself!

These Numbers are Hot!

These Mega Millions Numbers are Hot!

Looking for your next lucky number? 29, 42, 10, and 16 have been chosen the most times in the last 100 Mega Millions draws. As always, the app lets you choose your favorite numbers although, statistically, tickets with numbers automatically chosen have the highest win rate.

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New York Powerball tickets

In Land, Wednesdays and Saturdays are just called Powerball days. To get pumped for tonight’s draw, we’ve rounded up some fun Powerball facts!

All they do is win, win win

Curious about the winningest state? According to data from the Multi-State Lottery Association, Indiana holds the highest number of Powerball recipients. It might be time to take a trip to Indiana!

Lucky Numbers

Trying to decide which numbers to play? 13 may get a bad rap as being unlucky, but it seems to be a magic charm for the Powerball! The top five main draw numbers for Powerball are 16, 22, 26, 32, and 41.

Fat Stacks

If you stacked enough $100 bills to form $40 million, the starting Powerball jackpot, the bills would tower as high as the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. $85 million in $100 bills would tower as high as the Statue of Liberty! (Source:

Patience Is A Virtue

Winners who choose the annuity option get paid in 30 installments over 29 years. Winners who choose the annuity option also earn more over time. Annuity jackpots are also paid out in an increasing schedule, which means the annuity payout increases by five percent every year.

Put This On Your Vision Board

The highest Powerball ever was a cool $1.6 billion. Three lucky tickets split the jackpot, with $528.8 million going to the holder of each ticket. Read up on more newsworthy Powerball wins here.

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Lottery News

Playing the lottery is downright exciting. The dream of becoming an overnight millionaire, the thrill of the chase, and the possibility of changing one’s life with the purchase of a $2 ticket is not only fun, it’s enough to motivate half of the U.S. adult population to play the lottery at least once a year. In addition to the inherent excitement, there are typically a few lottery success stories a year that are impressive enough to pique the interest of even the biggest lottery naysayer. We’ve rounded up a collection of a few of the lottery’s most newsworthy moments. Enjoy!

1. The Largest Jackpot Won On A Single Ticket

Image courtesy of The Guardian

If you play the lottery, chances are good you heard about this recent lottery win! Mavis Wanczyk was a clerical worker in the nursing department of a Massachusetts hospital who made waves in the press with her huge win. Not only is her prize the largest jackpot won by a single player, it remains the second largest U.S. lottery prize! After realizing she’d won, she promptly called her job to tell them she would not be coming back. Wanczyk opted to take the lump sum payment of $480 million, before taxes, making her richer than Beyonce.

2. New Hampshire Woman Goes To Court – And Earns The Right – To Maintain Her Anonymity

A New Hampshire woman, now nicknamed “Jane Dough,” sued for her right to anonymity after winning the lottery and signing her name on the back of the winning ticket. According to standard Right to Know laws, the front and back of winning lottery tickets are considered public documents in order to ensure transparency and authenticity in the lottery process. The winner went to court to defend her identity in an effort to maintain her safety and a normal lifestyle. In his ruling, Judge Charles Temple stated, “The Court has no doubts whatsoever that should Ms. Doe’s identity be revealed, she will be subject to an alarming amount of harassment, solicitation and unwanted communications.” To prove that she was a “bona fide lottery participant” and “real winner,” the judge resolved to reveal the winner’s hometown of Merrimack, New Hampshire, access to the front of the ticket displaying the winning numbers, the date of any claim, and the total prize amount.

3. Coworkers In Las Vegas Finally Win It Big

Image courtesy of Fox 5

It’s common for coworkers to form an office lottery pool and, if you weren’t a believer in lottery pools before, this should change your mind. A group of 22 coworkers from the Las Vegas Paving Corporation landed a $2 million payday after years of playing together on a monthly basis. After taxes, each player walked away with $68,000. The group doesn’t think their luck has dried up yet – they plan to continue playing with the hope of winning again. We love to see people #wintogether!

4. The Couple Who Donated Nearly All Of Their Winnings

Allen and Violet Large, a Canadian couple, truly won large in 2010 – and then gave almost all of it away. The couple, already in their 70s at the time of winning, proved how much good is still in the world. They determined that others needed the money more than they did and so, after ensuring that their family was financially squared away, gave almost all of their $11.2 million prize money away to hospitals and charitable organizations.

5. The $1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history! The record-shattering January 13, 2016 jackpot was split between three winning tickets: Maureen Smith of Florida, John and Lisa Robinson of Tennessee, and Mae and Marvin Acosta of California. Maureen Smith and the Robinsons chose to go public with their story, while the Acostas declined speaking to the press and spent six quiet months putting together a team of advisers before collecting their money. Each winning ticket earned an impressive $528.8 million for the respective owners.

(PC @garyvee)

What made you decide to download the app? Perhaps it was the ease of playing the Powerball from your phone, or maybe you had a stack of old lottery tickets that you’d never checked. Whatever the reason, there may be more functionality to the app than you know! Now that your account is up and running, allow us to give you a tour of a few features and tips that will help you maximize your user experience.

1.Play Your Free Ticket

Not only is the app free, your first ticket is, too! That’s because we believe in making people happy – especially our users. Even if we’re not yet live in your state, your free ticket will be waiting for you when we are. Good luck, and happy playing!

2. Play Mega Millions

It’s the newest game available for play in the app! Whether you’re a Powerball powerhouse or a Mega Millions mega fan, we’ve got you covered – and made it easier than ever for you to play.

3. Pick Your Lucky Numbers, Or Leave It To Us

Have you played the same lottery numbers for ten years? No problem, we want you to play all the lucky custom numbers you’d like. If you prefer leaving things to the lottery gods, your ticket will automatically generate random numbers like any other paper lottery ticket.

4. Send Your Friends Free Tickets

As always, it’s our goal to #wintogether, and we believe in sharing the love. That’s why we’ve sweetened an already sweet deal: for every friend to whom you send a free ticket who then downloads the app, you earn another a free ticket for yourself. It’s a win-win deal!5.

5. Cash Out In The App

Our redemption process allows you to either apply your current winnings to future ticket purchases or cash out directly to your bank account. The process is seamless and nearly instant. Say goodbye to the hassle of driving to the lottery office to claim your prize.

6. Reach Out To Our Customer Happiness Team Right From The App

Our Customer Happiness team is made up of real people, not robots, who love to help people 24-7-365. Simply click the three lines in the upper left corner of the app and tap HELP to begin a live conversation with one of our experts.

7. Use Our Ticket Scanner To Check Your Paper Tickets

It’s estimated that over $2 billion in lottery prizes go unclaimed every year. Many players don’t know that there are second and third-tier prizes available or don’t check their tickets thoroughly. Let’s face it – every dollar counts! If you’ve been sitting on a stack of unchecked tickets for months, use the app to snap photos of your tickets and we’ll alert if you’ve won, and how much. It’s that easy. Get ready to clean out your wallet and, hopefully, earn a few dollars!

Did you enjoy learning more about the app features? Whether you’ve already been enjoying full app functionality or are pleased to learn more, we’ve got even more awesome features on the horizon, including jackpot notifications so you never miss out on the big money. As always, feel free to share this post or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Have any lingering questions? Contact our Customer Happiness team at



Since day one, our founders’ goal, besides building an app, has been to deliver uncommon value. The way that we interpret and share that value, on a daily, micro level, is to make people happy. Making people happy is not just our favorite hashtag or an empty promise, it’s the guiding principle in every choice we make as a company. We want to make everyone happy, from our users level all the way up to our shareholders. If you ask any of our Customer Happiness Heroes what their job is, they will all reply “making people happy.” (As a side note: we tested this thesis and were correct.)

“Surprise and Delight” – And Then Do More

You are likely familiar with the term “surprise and delight,” as it relates to business. If you’re not, here’s a paraphrased explanation from “Companies introduce experiences that slide the dial from “mundane” to “awesome” … whether it’s in the form of a promotion or a streamlined way to interact or transact.” We all easily understand the concept that, when you receive a pleasant surprise, it makes you happy – and likely builds brand loyalty to the source. Have you ever had a restaurant manager kindly offer to buy you dinner or offered you a coupon for a free appetizer? Chances are very good you’ll dine at that restaurant again. Plenty of companies have wisely designed their marketing campaigns around S&D and have amassed loyal customers as a result. We work hard to make our user interface fun, exciting, easy to use, and enticing, so that users don’t come back just to play the lottery but because they love opening our app.

But, assuming that any company’s competitors are also trying to surprise and delight their audience, how does your company maintain and grow your client base at the same time? Be more surprising? More delightful than ever before?? Every user experience has its limit, especially if your product or UI are “off” in any way. Eventually, the “cool” factor will wear off if the user experience is terrible.

All You Need Is Love

If making an app flashy and fun isn’t enough on its own, how do you pull together the complete package? Bring the focus back to the users themselves. Ironically, the secret to making users happy is to emphasize the humanity in technology. Our Customer Happiness team are experts in this, and know how to do it better than anyone. Kristine and Melissa, some of our most experienced “Happiness Heroes” divulged their secrets. According to Kristine, “The secret to keeping our users happy is listening to them and sympathizing. I have also found that keeping a good line of communication and following up on issues makes them feel like they’re cared about. Even if an issue isn’t resolved yet, just letting them know, ‘We haven’t forgotten about you’ really helps.” Adds Melissa, “We put passion into helping our customers! It’s about really listening, problem solving and considering all feedback, and making real connections.” A committed, caring team made up of real people – not recordings or phone answering services – to help real people is just one of the ways that we aim to make people happy.

We are as imperfect as any other app or technology. While our team works tirelessly to close the gap, we rely on our softer skills to keep our users happy to come back and play again. And yes, we’ve been known to surprise and delight our users with the occasional free ticket 😉

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VRBO is a great resource for vacationers of any budget size. That said, lottery winners may as well go big or go home! Here are some absolutely stunning rentals to inspire your lottery daydreams.

1. Historic Hudson Suite

Nestled in historic Hudson, NY, this rental suite sports dramatic arches and chic decor. The romantic apartment for 2 is located in a renovated 19th century hat shop and is close to plenty of restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars.

2. Sterling Beach Luxury Condo

This luxury beachside condo in Sterling Beach, FL offers dining with an unbeatable view. Modern decor furnishes the spacious suite, which has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, in case you want to bring some friends along for a couples’ retreat.

3. Puerto Rican Paradise

This stunning villa is located on the grounds of the exclusive St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club. Guests have full access to the Beach Club, restaurants, lake, and wildlife sanctuary. Situated right on the ocean, the pool and surrounding area feature a poolside bar with an amazing food menu and plenty of seating for relaxing poolside.

4. Day Street Castle in Seattle

Aptly called a “castle”, this huge, 6-bedroom rental is perfect for the ultimate escape. With wifi, a gourmet kitchen, wrap-around porch, second-story balcony, and private courtyard, this rental has everything you need for an exquisite vacation.

5. Mountaintop Private Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

Poised at the center of a 135-acre gated estate, this Asheville mountaintop estate is fit for royalty. Make yourself at home amidst oriental rugs, assorted antiques, huge stone fireplaces, books galore, and deep chairs and sofas for total relaxation.

6. “Tuscany by the Sea” Rental in Daytona Beach, FL

This luxury vacation house contains 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ baths, a private pool, a library, heated spa, 8 HDTVs, a digital library of 13,000 songs, and surround sound installed throughout. Did we mention that it’s also only a short walk to the beach?

7. New Orleans Colonial Estate

This New Orleans colonial estate can sleep up to 20 guests. No lottery daydream would be complete without 6 sumptuous bedrooms, soaring 14 foot ceilings, a chef’s kitchen, and more.

8. Luxury Aspen Estate in the Mountains

This Aspen mansion sports high-performance amenities, a personal hot tub, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain scenery. It even has an elevator. Now that’s luxury.

9. Newly Remodeled Vail Valley Rental

Enjoy the open floor plan and plenty of natural sunlight in this tranquil mountain estate. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, this luxurious rental is perfect for ski retreats or other outdoors adventures.

10. Yellowstone Park Vacation Lodge

You can’t beat the view from the stretching rustic balcony of this 8,500 square foot vacation lodge. It includes a wood burning fireplace, bar, and game room complete with foosball, a pool table, and shuffleboard.

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When it comes to brainstorming what makes the world a better place, big business is probably the furthest thing from your imagination. But the good news is that there are plenty of companies out there dedicated to making a real difference in their communities and beyond. In other words, the money you spend with some businesses doubles in value because its also stretching to help others. Here are a few change makers that are committed to the cause:

Retail: TOMS and Leesa

Physical and online retail stores sometimes donate proceeds of their sales, or items of value, to charities around their community and abroad.

You might have heard of companies like TOMS shoes, who give a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought in store or online. They currently ship shoes with over 100 services across more than 70 countries.

Another great example is, who donate a mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 mattresses sold on their site.

Personal Hygiene Products: Dove and The Body Shop

Image courtesy of Dove

You’ve probably seen the Dove Real Beauty campaigns. These are short, emotional, and often viral videos that promote self-love for people of all shapes and sizes. They directly address self-image issues that plague many women and even men. Instead of just selling a product, Dove promotes self-confidence.

The Body Shop is another company that helps out. It has product lines that support wildlife preservation in places like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The funds from certain products contribute to saving acres of endangered rainforest habitat.

Eyewear and Optometry: Warby Parker with VisionSpring

Warby Parker, like TOMS, provides a product to someone in need for every pair of glasses sold through their store. Over 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to much-needed eyewear, leaving up to 15% of the world’s population unable to work or learn. Warby Parker designs affordable eyewear and also partners with institutions like VisionSpring to deliver glasses to people in need.

Water Providers: People Water

Riccardo Mayer /

People Water is another company that offers a “buy one, give one” approach to their product — clean drinking water. Because they offer such a vital resource, the work they do is of tantamount importance worldwide. They believe positive social outcomes are just as important as making a profit.

Professional Service Firms: Ernst & Young

Sometimes institutions start by doing good within their own walls. Did you know that Ernst & Young was voted the best employer for people with disabilities in 2015? They cater to customers and employees with various degrees of disability, both in-person and online. That includes a job-aids process and a disability resource center for those who need it.

State Lotteries

Cylonphoto /

Many state lotteries use their revenue to support education and environmental programs within their communities. For example, the Arizona Lottery helps to fund the Healthy Families Program, which supports struggling families of people dealing with mental health issues. The Minnesota lottery helps fund natural resources, including the promotion of responsible hunting and fishing, and the Texas Lottery uses its revenue to support care and services for veterans across the state.

If you want the money you spend to do some good in the world, check out any of the companies listed above. And if you want to contribute to state lottery funding in your area, sign up with the app on your smartphone or tablet today. You can buy a Powerball ticket in just two taps, and help support all kinds of great causes!

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