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When your family wins the lottery, what should you do first? You may want to distribute some of the money to those close to you, support your favorite charitable cause, or put some into savings. But, of course, you’ll also want to treat yourself and your family a bit, and here are some great ways to do just that:

Send Your Kids to College

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The college of their dreams is within reach when your lottery windfall is available to pay for steep tuition costs. You really can’t beat a good education — after all, it’s an investment in their future. It may not be as glamorous as a new sports car or some of the other options here, but it will be extremely valuable in the long run. Trust us.

Invest in Home Improvements

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If you don’t buy a new home altogether, why not make a few desirable adjustments to your current home? As a new lottery winner, you may want to go all out with a pool, a game room, or energy efficient additions. Or, you may be thinking of something more modest. Have you always dreamed of having an open-concept kitchen and an island counter with a double sink? Now’s the time to go for it!

Pamper Yourselves

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Go out for a nice dinner, enjoy a salon trip, book a couples’ massage, get the iPhone X, take a family trip. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the small things that you might have put aside before that are finally within your reach.

Visit Disney World

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Guaranteed to delight the whole family, Disney World is the ideal trip to take together. The rides, the food, the events and parades, the resort, the characters and costumes…there’s so much to do and see. What tends to be an expensive trip will be no problem once you’ve won the Powerball jackpot.

Fund Your Bucket List

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“I’ve always wanted to…” You’ve no doubt said these words before. Whether it’s a specific destination, adventurous activities, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, everyone has a bucket list. Why not get started on yours by putting some of your lotto winnings towards checking these items off?

Take a Cruise

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Even if you’re keeping your 9-to-5 (and many lottery winners do), you will probably want to treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation. There’s nothing more relaxing than the scent of open waters and the sound of the waves as you suntan on the deck of a yacht. Or, maybe you want to be the captain of your own cruise.

Travel the World

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There are so many things to see and do across the globe. Make a list of the sights that you and your family want to see and then set off to start exploring. This is the time to treat yourself, and your loved ones, to some unforgettable and life-changing experiences.

What’s on your lottery winnings must-do list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter — or leave us any other questions or comments and we’ll do our best to help out.

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