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What made you decide to download the Lottery.com app? Perhaps it was the ease of playing the Powerball from your phone, or maybe you had a stack of old lottery tickets that you’d never checked. Whatever the reason, there may be more functionality to the app than you know! Now that your account is up and running, allow us to give you a tour of a few features and tips that will help you maximize your user experience.

1.Play Your Free Ticket

Not only is the Lottery.com app free, your first ticket is, too! That’s because we believe in making people happy – especially our users. Even if we’re not yet live in your state, your free ticket will be waiting for you when we are. Good luck, and happy playing!

2. Play Mega Millions

It’s the newest game available for play in the app! Whether you’re a Powerball powerhouse or a Mega Millions mega fan, we’ve got you covered – and made it easier than ever for you to play.

3. Pick Your Lucky Numbers, Or Leave It To Us

Have you played the same lottery numbers for ten years? No problem, we want you to play all the lucky custom numbers you’d like. If you prefer leaving things to the lottery gods, your ticket will automatically generate random numbers like any other paper lottery ticket.

4. Send Your Friends Free Tickets

As always, it’s our goal to #wintogether, and we believe in sharing the love. That’s why we’ve sweetened an already sweet deal: for every friend to whom you send a free ticket who then downloads the app, you earn another a free ticket for yourself. It’s a win-win deal!5.

5. Cash Out In The App

Our redemption process allows you to either apply your current winnings to future ticket purchases or cash out directly to your bank account. The process is seamless and nearly instant. Say goodbye to the hassle of driving to the lottery office to claim your prize.

6. Reach Out To Our Customer Happiness Team Right From The App

Our Customer Happiness team is made up of real people, not robots, who love to help people 24-7-365. Simply click the three lines in the upper left corner of the app and tap HELP to begin a live conversation with one of our experts.

7. Use Our Ticket Scanner To Check Your Paper Tickets

It’s estimated that over $2 billion in lottery prizes go unclaimed every year. Many players don’t know that there are second and third-tier prizes available or don’t check their tickets thoroughly. Let’s face it – every dollar counts! If you’ve been sitting on a stack of unchecked tickets for months, use the Lottery.com app to snap photos of your tickets and we’ll alert if you’ve won, and how much. It’s that easy. Get ready to clean out your wallet and, hopefully, earn a few dollars!

Did you enjoy learning more about the Lottery.com app features? Whether you’ve already been enjoying full app functionality or are pleased to learn more, we’ve got even more awesome features on the horizon, including jackpot notifications so you never miss out on the big money. As always, feel free to share this post or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Have any lingering questions? Contact our Customer Happiness team at Support@lottery.com.