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Track Your Lucky Numbers

Track your Lucky Numbers

Do you play the same numbers every week? Store them and you'll be able to see your personal results:

My Number Tracker

Lucky Number Generator

Lucky Number Generator

Need new lucky numbers? How do you want them?

  • Numbers that hit most often
  • Numbers that hit least often
  • Numbers chosen based on your birthday
  • Leave it to chance

However you want to pick them, the Number Generator can help:

Get New Lucky Numbers



Try our Quick Search for the fastest way to search past results to pick new numbers!
We've made the most commonly used number searches just a few clicks away:

  • How often has each number been drawn in your favorite game?
  • What are the most frequent 2 or 3 number combinations?
  • When was the last time each number came up in your game?
  • And many more popular searches

Lucky Number Quick Search

See if the Lucky Numbers you're tracking have ever won.

Lucky Number Search

Search news stories, articles and more.

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