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CA-SuperLotto Plus
SuperLotto Plus Results
Draw Date: 06/24/2017 PAID: $49 MM
01 - 12 - 25 - 35 - 38 » 12
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CA-Daily 3 Evening
Daily 3 Results
Draw Date: 06/27/2017
0 - 3 - 4
Past Draws
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Daily 4
Daily 4 Results
Draw Date: 06/27/2017
5 - 4 - 3 - 5
Past Draws
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CA-Fantasy Five
Fantasy 5 Results
Draw Date: 06/27/2017 PAID: $0.271 MM
10 - 13 - 20 - 23 - 32
Past Draws
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CA-Daily Derby
Daily Derby Results
Draw Date: 06/27/2017 PAID: $0.075 MM
1st - 7 Eureka - 2nd - 9 Winning Spirit - 3rd - 11 Money Bags » 1
Past Draws
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Mega Millions
Mega Millions Results
Draw Date: 06/27/2017 PAID: $145 MM
04 - 21 - 45 - 52 - 57 » 14
Past Draws
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CA-Daily 3 Midday
Daily 3 Mid-Day Results
Draw Date: 06/28/2017
0 - 6 - 7
Past Draws
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Powerball Ticket Worth $1.6 Million Sold in Fountain Valley!
California - 06/10/2017
Check your Powerball tickets, especially if you bought a ticket in Fountain Valley. READ MORE

Lucky Powerball Ticket Worth $2,469,064 Sold at Tiny Long Beach Market!
California - 04/06/2017
Pacific Market in Long Beach doesn’t take up a lot of square footage at its 2990 Pacific Avenue location. READ MORE

California Lottery Unveils GIGANTIC Scratchers Ticket!
California - 04/01/2017
Wow! Do we have big news – and when we say “big,” we mean literally! California Lottery players will be in for – you guessed it – a big surprise when they catch their first glimpse of the Lottery’s newest $10 Scratchers ticket to hit the market. READ MORE

California Lottery Joins Problem Gambling Awareness Month Effort
California - 03/05/2017
Every year the California Lottery joins other state and national organizations to recognize the month of March as National Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM). READ MORE

L.A. Winner Claims Record-Breaking Fantasy 5 Prize
California - 01/27/2017
Edgar Soltero will always remember Christmas Eve 2016! That’s because the Los Angeles resident invested $1 on a Fantasy 5 ticket on December 24, 2016 and ended up matching all five numbers during the draw that night. READ MORE

$750,000 Scratchers Ticket Win in Daly City!
California - 12/17/2016
Wilma Nelson is sure glad she went to buy groceries late last month. READ MORE

Luck Strikes Twice for S.F. Man Who Wins $5 Million
California - 10/30/2016
On his way home from the doctor’s office on September 13, Frank Derfield decided he’d stop near his San Francisco home and pick up a few of the brand new (at the time) 100X the Money Scratchers games. READ MORE

Lottery Player and Store Owner Celebrate $5 Million Scratchers Win in Southland!
California - 09/25/2016
Ada Perez was ecstatic when she thought she won $500,000 on a Scratchers ticket. READ MORE

Fantasy 5 Ticket Worth Nearly Half a Million Dollars Sold in San Jose!
California - 08/20/2016
Someone in San Jose is now nearly a half million dollars richer. READ MORE

Record-Setting Year for the California Lottery
California - 07/16/2016
The California Lottery recently closed the book on Fiscal Year 2015-16 – and what a year it was! READ MORE

No Fear of Friday the 13th for L.A. County Man Who Extends Lucky Streak with $555,555 Win!
California - 06/13/2016
Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. However, you’ll never be able to accuse William Rogers of having a case of “Paraskevidekatriaphobia” (the fear of Friday the 13th). READ MORE

Powerball Ticket Worth Nearly $1.3 Million Sold in San Jose!
California - 05/14/2016
While no one in California hit the huge $429.6 million Powerballjackpot last night, one lucky player in our state did match five of six numbers to win $1,299,421. READ MORE

Super Sweet-Winning $22 Million SuperLotto Plus Jackpot Ticket From Riverside Claimed
California - 04/12/2016
Arthur Pence has 22 million reasons why stopping at the Donut Tyme store in the Canyon Crest Towne Centre in Riverside turned out to be such a great idea. READ MORE

Lucky Powerball Ticket Worth $771,194 Sold in the City of Commerce
California - 03/05/2016
Someone just scored themselves a bit of relief. That’s because they purchased a lucky Powerball ticket that matched five of six numbers in last night’s draw to win $771,194. READ MORE

Man Claims $424,000 Powerball Ticket Sold in Burbank!
California - 01/30/2016
Another California Lottery player has come forward to claim their prize! READ MORE

Powerball Ticket Worth $1.9 Million Sold in San Jose
California - 01/03/2016
Here’s a great way to end 2015! READ MORE

Hardworking Man Strikes Silver and Gold in Selma
California - 11/29/2015
Many people dream that they might some day strike it rich. READ MORE

It was an Accident that I won
California - 10/31/2015
Pat Tucker was ready to play Mega Millions. READ MORE

The Mystery Behind Lottery Win in Sacramento County
California - 09/25/2015
A woman just won a very nice lottery prize in the tiny town of Herald in Sacramento County. READ MORE

Inglewood Retiree Wins $3.25 Million on Non-Winning Scratchers Ticket
California - 08/28/2015
Carol Craver is a loyal lottery player and has been ever since the California Lottery first began selling tickets 30 years ago... READ MORE

Special Tortillas Lead Clovis Woman to $1 Million Lottery Win
California - 08/01/2015
Ever wonder how many packages of tortillas one million dollars can buy? READ MORE

Friends Split $1 Million 2nd Chance Win in LA
California - 06/26/2015
Who says losers never win?! READ MORE

$2 Million Bay Area Winner - 'Look of Terror on his Face'
California - 06/05/2015
On May 21, Gregory Naumann grabbed some California Lottery tickets in Montara on his way home from work; but he was in no hurry to scratch them. READ MORE

Alameda County Man on a Roll
California - 05/01/2015
Most people would consider winning $1,000 on a Scratchers ticket pretty lucky. READ MORE

Million Dollar Lottery Win in Sonoma Valley
California - 03/27/2015
California’s Sonoma Valley has so much to offer. READ MORE

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