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Official Rules
How to Play Pick 3:

First, pick three numbers from "0" to "9" or mark the QP (Quick Pick) box and your numbers will be randomly selected for you.

Second, select how you want to play your three numbers (Exact Order, Any Order, Exact/Any Order, Combo).

  • Exact Order - You win if your numbers match the winning numbers in the exact order they are drawn.
  • Any Order - You win if your numbers match the winning numbers in any order.
  • Exact/Any - For a little extra money you can play both exact order and any order. You win if you match the winning numbers in Exact Order or in Any Order.
  • Combo - Simply a convenient way to play all possible Exact Order combinations on one ticket.

You can play all four ways on the original Pick 3 playslip. The 'EZ to Play' playslip allows you to play Exact Order, Any Order, or Exact/Any. You will find both at your participating Texas Lottery retailer.

Third, choose the number of drawings you want to play. You can play up to:

  • 12 consecutive Day drawings only;
  • 12 consecutive Night drawings only; or
  • 12 consecutive Day and Night drawings

Mark the appropriate box under "Multi Draw." This will play your numbers for the number of drawings you select.

Fourth, choose the time of day you want to play. Mark the "DAY" box to play day drawing(s) only. Mark the "NIGHT" box to play night drawing(s) only. If you want to play consecutive Day and Night drawings, use the Multi Draw feature and leave the "DAY" and "NIGHT" boxes blank. Multi Draw selections are consecutive from the draw selected.

* All claims are subject to state law and Texas Lottery rules, regulations, and procedures.

Prize Payout:

If You Play For And Numbers Drawn Are You Win

Exact Order
Odds 1:1,000

516 $250

Any Order
2 like numbers
Odds 1:333


665   566   656


Any Order
3 different numbers
Odds 1:167


615   651   516
561   165   156


Any Order

2 like numbers
Odds 1:333

$.50 Exact Order
$.50 Any Order
797 Exact Order
797   977   779
Any order
Pays both exact order & any order when 797 is drawn $80
Any Order

3 different numbers
Odds 1:167
$.50 Exact Order
$.50 Any Order
654 Exact Order
645   654   465
456   564   546
Any order
Pays both exact order & any order when 654 is drawn $40

2 like numbers
Odds 1:333

You're playing exact order 3 times for either $.50 or $1.00

242   422   224

$1.50 play wins $250
$3.00 play wins $500

3 different numbers
Odds 1:167

You're playing exact order 6 times for either $.50 or $1.00

358   385   538
583   835   853

$3 play wins $250
$6 play wins $500

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