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Official Rules

How to Play Cash 3:

1. Each play selected will produce a single ticket.

2. DRAWS– Use these boxes to select your draws. Select MID for MIDDAY, EVE for EVENING, or BOTH for MIDDAY and EVENING draws. Selecting BOTH will double the cost for each play you choose (Play Areas A-E).

3. DAYS – You can play your number selections for more than one draw day by selecting one of the boxes marked 2 through 7 on the playslip. The plays will be for consecutive draw days. Remember, if you choose “BOTH” draws (Midday and Evening), your numbers will be played for both draws for each of the number of days selected.

4. Select one to five sets of 3-digit numbers you wish to play by completing the Play Areas A-E. You can have the computer randomly pick your numbers by marking the “Quick Pick” box in that play area.

5. Choose either a $1.00 or a $.50 play, and then pick the order you want your numbers to be drawn. For a $1.00 play, you can choose EXACT ORDER, ANY ORDER, EXACT or ANY ORDER, or a COMBO play. A COMBO play covers all possible EXACT combinations for the 3-digit number played, and will cost you $3.00 or $6.00 based on the numbers you selected. For a $.50 play, you can choose either EXACT ORDER or ANY ORDER only. The amounts you can win are shown below.

6. If you make an error when completing a Play Area (A-E), mark the “VOID” box at the bottom of that play area. DO NOT ERASE.

7. Present completed playslip and total play amount to any Tennessee Lottery retailer selling CASH 3 and you will receive a printed ticket(s) with your selections. Be sure the ticket includes the selections you requested on the playslip. The printed ticket is the only valid receipt for claiming a prize. If the ticket contains an error, request the retailer to cancel the ticket and print one with your corrected selection(s).

Play Types:

Exact Order- Must match winning numbers in order drawn.

Any Order - Must match winning numbers drawn in any order.

Exact or Any Order - Combines a $.50 "Exact" play and a $.50 "Any Order" play for a 3-digit number on a single play. The Exact or Any Order play may only be played for $1.00.

Combination- Equal to 3 or 6 Straight Plays for a total of $3.00 or $6.00. The cost of each play is $1.00. Win if your selected numbers are drawn in any order.

If no play type is specified it will default to a EXACT ORDER PLAY.

Prize Payout:

Description of Possible
3-Digit Plays
Example You Win If Any Of These Combinations Are Drawn (Examples)

$0.50 Play

$1.00 Play

Exact Order :
Plays 3 digits in exact order, 1 way to win. (Odds - 1:1,000)

123 123 $250 $500
3-Way Any Order:
Plays 3 digits, 2 of which are identical, in any order. (Odds - 1:333)
122 122, 212, 221 $80 $160
6-Way Any Order:
Plays 3 unique digits in any order. 6 ways to win. (Odds - 1:166)
123 123, 132, 213, 231,
312, 321
$40 $80
3-Way Exact/Any Order:
Play exact and any order with 3 digits, 2 which are identical. 3 ways to win. (Odds - 1:333) Ticket cost - $1.00

N / A $330
Exact Order

Any Order Only
6-Way Exact/Any Order:
Play exact and any order with 3 unique digits, 6 ways to win. (Odds - 1:166) Ticket cost - $1.00

132, 213, 231, 312, 321
N / A $290
Exact Order

Any Order Only
3-Way Combo:
3 straight plays with 3 digits, 2 which are identical. 3 ways to win.(Odds - 1:1000)
122, 212 ,221
Ticket Cost
6-Way Combo:
6 straight plays with 3 unique digits. 6 ways to win. (Odds - 1:1000)
123, 132, 213, 231,
312, 321
Ticket Cost

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