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How to Play Cash 5:

Win all the cash all at once. Cash 5 offers players the chance to win all-cash jackpots. And there's no telling how big they'll be. Best of all, you get all the cash all at once. No annuities. Just one, big, fat, lump sum.

  1. Start by picking up a free Cash 5 play slip at any Numbers Games retailer. Each play slip has five game grids. Each game has numbers from 1 to 39. Just pick five of 39 yourself, or ask for Quick Pick and the computer will randomly choose your numbers for you. Games are $1 each.
  2. When you've completed your play slip, give it to the retailer. Be sure to check your ticket to verify that the information is correct and legible. Keep your ticket! It's your record when you win!
  3. Cash 5 drawings are conducted 7 nights a week.

Prize Payout:

All you have to do is match 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the five numbers drawn on TV, and you're a cash prize winner.

Match  Probability of
winning per play 
Distributions of
winnings pool* 
5 of 5 1:575,757.00 53.15% after deduction of fourth prize
4 of 5 1:3,386.81 22.24% after deduction of fourth prize
3 of 5 1:102.63 24.61% after deduction of fourth prize
2 of 5 1:9.62 $1 fixed
*Each drawing, 50% of Cash 5 gross sales is allocated to the total winnings pool. After the fourth prizes are deducted from the pool, the remaining prize money is allocated to the first, second and third prize categories, and then divided equally among the winning plays in each category. (Example: if there is only one winner, that person wins the entire prize category amount; if there are 10 winners, the prize category amount is divided into ten equal shares.) All prizes are paid in cash.
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