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How to Play Megabucks:

The more numbers you match, the more you win. Win prizes by matching 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers on one line. Megabucks is a parimutuel game. Except for the 3 of 6 prize, the amount of the prizes is determined by the size of the prize pools and the number of winning tickets. Overall odds of winning a prize, 1:25. Estimated Prize payout is 70%.

To choose your own numbers, pick up a Megabucks game slip and fill it out. Just pick six numbers for each set from a set of 48 possible numbers (1-48). Select the number of draws, and if you would like to add Kicker. Give your completed Megabucks game slip to your Lottery retailer, or insert it into a player-operated terminal along with money to buy your ticket.

For every dollar you play, you get two sets of six numbers for two chances to win Megabucks. Just say “Give me a Megabucks Quick Pick.” You’ll get a Megabucks ticket like the one shown below. Megabucks jackpots start at $1 million and grow until someone wins!

Prize Payout:

Megabucks Odds 

Add the Kicker option by paying an extra $1 for every $1 played on Megabucks. You win four times as much when you match four or five numbers. Win $4 when you match three numbers.

When Megabucks jackpot pize winners come to the Lottery to claim their prize, they have the option of choosing between cash or annuity payments. The one-time cash payment will be approximately half the advertised jackpot amount. The annuity payment is paid in 25 annual installments.

There is a period of time on drawing days that Megabucks tickets cannot be purchased or validated. That time is every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, from 7:29-7:30 PM.

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