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How to Play Lotto Extra:

Lotto Extra is a new add-on feature to New York's traditional Lotto. With Lotto Extra you get more prize levels and better odds of winning more cash prizes!

Here's how it works:

  • Just ask your local retailer for a Lotto Extra playcard, or just ask for a Lotto Extra Quick Pick. For an 'extra' $1 wager to play Lotto Extra in addition to your Lotto wager, you can match the traditional bonus number or the new Extra bonus number chosen at each drawing to win additional cash prizes. That Extra $1 gets you a total of 8 prize levels instead of the usual 5 prize levels available with traditional Lotto.
  • You still have to match all 6 numbers to win the Lotto jackpot - that part of the game stays the same.
  • Lotto Extra has its own playcard, but remember you have to play Lotto to play Lotto Extra. Or just say "Lotto Extra Quick Pick"!

Regular Lotto hasn't changed! Here's how to play:

Go to any New York Lottery retailer and pick up a playcard with 10 game panels. Each panel shows squares numbered 1 through 59.

Pick 6 numbers from 1 through 59.

Using a black pencil or a black or blue ballpoint pen (red ink will not be accepted), fill in your choice of any 6 of the 59 numbered squares in a game panel. Or save time by choosing Quick Pick and letting the computer randomly select numbers for you.

The minimum play is $1 for two (2) game panels. Or you can play up to $5 on the 10-playcard.

In the Jackpot Prize Payment Option box on the front of the playcard, you must mark how you want to be paid should you win the jackpot prize. Choose the "26 Annual Payments" box if you wish to receive the prize in 26 graduated annual payments. Choose the "Lump Sum Cash Value" box if you wish to receive the prize in a lump sum cash payment. Note: Jackpot winners who select the lump sum cash value option will receive the estimated present cash value of the advertised amount. This amount will be less than the advertised jackpot.

Turn in your playcard to the retailer, and you'll receive a separate ticket for each playcard processed.

Check your ticket(s) to verify that the numbers and the date printed are correct. LOTTO tickets cannot be cancelled.

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