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How to Play Pick 6 Lotto:

Pick-6 Lotto makes MORE New Jersey players MILLIONAIRES than any other game! The jackpots start at $2 million and keep growing until someone wins. There are even cash prizes for matching just three numbers.

It's easy to play Pick-6 Lotto. Just ask your New Jersey Lottery Retailer for a Pick-6 Lotto bet slip. Each bet slip is divided into five separate panels. Each panel contains a field of numbers from 1 to 49. Select six numbers from each panel. Play one to five panels.

Run out of numbers to play? Then ask for a "Quick 6!" The Lottery computer will randomly select six numbers for you. It's quick, easy, and convenient. You can Quick Pick as often as you like!

Each Pick-6 Lotto bet is just $1.00. That means each panel you complete on your bet slip costs $1.00. Please make sure to check your tickets before leaving the store to ensure that the proper numbers and dates have been selected.

You can play the same Pick-6 Lotto numbers for up to 8 consecutive draws. Just mark the number of draws on your bet slip corresponding to the number of drawings you wish to play. This will include the current draw and will not skip any draw(s) in between.

Prize Payout:

Matching Numbers


Prize Level

Average Prize*

Match 6 out of 6

 1 : 13,983,816



Match 5 out of 6

 1 : 54,201



Match 4 out of 6

 1 : 1,032



Match 3 out of 6

 1 : 57



Select how you want to get paid when you buy your ticket - either Annuity or Cash. Select Annuity if you want to be paid the jackpot amount over a 26-year period, or select Cash if you want to be paid the jackpot amount in a lump sum.

Winners who choose Annual Installment Payments will be taxed on each year's winnings as they receive them. Winners who choose Lump-Sum Payments will be taxed on the entire amount all at once.

Pick-6 Lotto jackpots are advertised at the estimated amount of the 26-year Annual Installment Payments. With Installment Payments, the first annual payment is approximately 1/26th of the estimated jackpot amount. For the remaining 25 years, we buy Government Security or Treasury Bonds, which earn interest annually. That annual return is the amount winners receive each year.

If the New Jersey Lottery estimates a jackpot of $11 million, the approximate Lump-Sum cash value is $6.3 million. With the Lump-Sum Payment, the winner may receive the $6.3 million in one payment, less the required 25% federal tax withholdings. With the Installment Payments, the winner receives $11 million over a 26-year period, less the required 25% federal tax withholdings.

Drawings:  Mondays and Thursdays at 7:56 PM on NJN

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