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Official Rules

How To Play Hoosier Lotto:

  • Each board costs $1
  • Mark your numbers: Mark 6 numbers in each board. Play up to 5 boards per playslip. Select Quick Pick (QP) to let the terminal randomly select your numbers. Hand mark the playslip using black or blue ink or pencil.
  • Errors: DO NOT ERASE. Mark the VOID box if errors are made.
  • Multi-Draw: Mark the number play: (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) of drawings you want to play.

Prize Payout:

Drawings every Wednesday and Saturday. 5 Ways to win.

Pick 6 of 48
Match 6 OF 6 JACKPOT 1:12,271,512
Match 5 OF 6 Approximately $1,000 (Pari-Mutuel) 1:48,696
Match 4 OF 6 Approximately $40 (Pari-Mutuel) 1:950.18
Match 3 OF 6 $3 1:53.45
Match 2 OF 6 Free Quick Pick 1:7.31

The Hoosier Lotto annuity jackpot (paid in 30 annual installments) is set at $1 million for the first two draws and increases by $500,000 per draw.

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