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Win up to $100,000 every day with Cash5
Cash5 is Connecticut's daily game that gives you a chance to win as much as $100,000! For $1, you get one set of five numbers. Add the "Kicker" feature for just 50¢, and you've kicked up your chance to win more often, and win more prize levels!

How to play Cash5
To play Cash5, fill in a Cash5 Play Slip by choosing five different numbers between 1 and 35 for each $1 play.
Or, ask for a "Quick Pick Cash5" and let the computer pick it for you! Cash5 tickets can't be canceled once they're printed, so choose your numbers carefully. Be sure to check the ticket before stepping away from the terminal to make sure you've received the purchase you wanted. You can purchase up to five plays on a ticket. Win Cash5 by matching three, four or all five numbers.

Cash5 with Kicker
What's the Kicker? All Cash5 tickets are automatically printed with six numbers on each line. The last number, shown in the far-right position on the play line (after the "slash" mark), is the "Kicker" number. The Kicker number must be different from the five Cash5 numbers on your ticket.

Activating the Kicker increases your chance to match and win a prize and costs just 50¢ per play, and it could help you win cash prizes worth thousands of dollars!

Activate the Kicker, and a "Y" will print next to last number on the play line. If the Kicker isn't activated at time of purchase, the letter "N" will print after that last number. If the Kicker isn't activated, it can't be used to match and win the extra Kicker prize levels.

Win Cash5 with Kicker by matching the Kicker and at least one other number on your play line.

Is a special "Kicker" number drawn?
No. Only five numbers are drawn for Cash5. No additional Kicker number is drawn.

Cash5 prizes can become parimutuel
Prizes in the Cash5 game are normally paid at the fixed amounts shown in the table below. In the event total Cash5 prize liability exceeds 350% of sales for any drawing, however, prize levels are calculated on a "parimutuel" basis, and each winning ticket at each level receives an equal share of the available prize pool for that level. When this occurs, actual prizes will be lower than the amounts shown in the table.

Play ahead with Cash5 Advance Action
Select the "Advance Action" feature for Cash5 and you can buy UP TO 26 consecutive draws in advance! Just check "YES" in the Advance Action box on your Play Slip! Available at any CT Lottery retail location. Good 26 Advance Action draws for the price of 25!

You can either select your own numbers or have the computer randomly select your numbers for you. Complete only ONE board for Advance Action purchases. Advance Action is NOT a subscription plan; players are responsible for checking their own tickets.

Cash5 Prize Payout Table
Kicker NOT Active (N) $1.00 Wager
Match Numbers (in any order)

Prize (up to)

Chance of Winning
5 winning numbers $100,000*    1:324,632   
4 winning numbers $300*    1:2,164   
3 winning numbers $10*    1:75   
Overall chance of winning Cash5 is: 1:72.1

The CT Lottery reserves the right to cancel or suspend any drawing or game, prize structure or frequency of drawings in accordance with established game rules.

Cash5 Prize Payout Table
Kicker ACTIVE (Y) $1.50 Wager

Match KICKER Plus...

Prize (up to)

Chance of Winning

Kicker + 4 winning numbers $4,650*    1:64,926   
Kicker + 3 winning numbers $75*    1:1,119   
Kicker + 2 winning numbers $5*    1:80   
Kicker + 1 winning number $2*    1:18   
Overall chance of winning Cash5 with Kicker is 1:12.1
Only Cash5 tickets with active Kicker are eligible for Kicker payouts.
* Actual prize payouts may be lower than published prize levels, based upon overall ticket sales for the game and actual number of winning tickets sold.

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