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How to Play:

Daily 3 is easy to play and winning is fun! Pick up a Daily 3 playslip. Select a set of three (3) numbers from a field of 0 to 9 (example: 1-3-5, 7-7-7, etc.) Then choose your playstyle:

Straight, Box, or Straight/Box


  • Your $1 play is split between both Playstyles - 50 cents to Straight and 50 cents to Box.
  • Since $1 is split between the two Playstyles, the potential payouts are approximately half the prize amounts.
  • By matching the winning numbers in the exact order, you win approximately half the Straight prize plus approximately half the Box prize. If you match the winning numbers in any other order, you win approximately half the Box prize only.
  • Prize is pari-mutuel*

*Pari-mutuel prize amounts will vary depending upon sales levels and number of winners.

You can select your own numbers or Play Quick Pick® for $1.00 per play per draw. When you select Quick Pick®, the Lottery terminal will randomly select your three Daily 3 numbers for you.

If you don't ask for a specific playstyle you will automatically receive Straight Daily 3 play. You can also play your number combinations for up to 14 consecutive draws with the Advance Play feature.

Prize Payout:

Playstyle Match all numbers and win If your
number is
Straight Match exact order
Box Match any order (3 unique digits) 529
Match any order (2 Identical & 1 Unique)      599

Playstyle Winning
number is
Odds Prize
Straight 529 1 in 1,000     pari-mutuel    
Box 529,592,952,925,259,295  1 in 167 pari-mutuel
599,959,995 1 in 333 pari-mutuel

A pari-mutuel prize structure means players' winnings can be determined by what numbers they play. For example: Most players frequently play the same popular numbers such as 777. If 777 were to be drawn the prize for that draw would be divided between all of the players who played 777. On the other hand if a player were to play less popular numbers and those numbers were drawn, he or she would share the prize amount with fewer winners. With this in mind, you might want to try playing less popular numbers as they just might be your ticket to bigger prizes.

For a look at the most popular numbers as of February 1997, see the chart below.

Most-Frequently played Daily 3 numbers:

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