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March 10, 2017
It’s back, back, back! The Home Run Riches scratch-off and the “Contestant of the Game” second-chance contest are back again for your chance to win cash!

Players can enter non-winning Home Run Riches 2 scratch-offs into My Lottery Rewards and automatically receive one entry into the “Contestant of the Game” contest in addition to rewards points.

·       A Contestant of the Game will be selected for every 2017 regular season Orioles game (162 total winners).
·       Prize winner will receive: $500 for being selected and $500 for every home run hit by the Orioles  during that game.

Entries are not cumulative (entries will not carry over) and drawings will be held on the following days:
·       Draw 1 – 3/28/17 (entries must be submitted by midnight 3/27/17)
·       Draw 2 – 4/25/17 (entries must be submitted by midnight 4/24/17)
·       Draw 3 – 5/23/17 (entries must be submitted by midnight 5/22/17)
·       Draw 4 – 6/20/17 (entries must be submitted by midnight 6/19/17)
·       Draw 5 – 7/25/17 (entries must be submitted by midnight 7/24/17)
·       Draw 6 – 8/29/17 (entries must be submitted by midnight 8/28/17)
Only non-winning 2017 Home Run Tickets (game #321) are eligible for entry into the 2017 Maryland Lottery Contestant of the Game promotion.

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